Come and visit Mymensingh Chalara village.

This place has been hyped for quite some time! So I turned around.


Salra is a village in Dulla union of Muktagachha Upazila of Mymensingh district. I have been curious about this place for some time because I have heard that there are a lot of Sundarbans-like cane trees and tidal water inside the bush. It’s 6



The village of Chalara depicts the image of abhorrent Bangladesh. On the way to the village, the road through the middle of the beel, the busyness of the villagers, the woodpeckers of Shalban picking up timber, the farmer’s hawk, the fishermen fishing in the beel, the huge dighi And you can go around the lake by boat.



The distance from Mymensingh to Muktagachha Upazila is 20 km and from Muktagachha Upazila town to Chalara is 14 km.



How to go



From Mymensingh’s Tangail bus stand by marginal superbus to Kalibari Bazar (Tk. 30)


Or first CNG at 30 TK Muktagachha then from Muktagachha to Prantik Super’s bus to Kalibari Bazar (fare – 10 TK) …
The good news is that Muktagachha BRTC has recently launched a double-decker bus service from Mymensingh at a much lower cost.



Go to Kalibari Bazar Chechua .. You will get a van at the beginning of the market, the van will go to Kalira Bazar (10/15 TK) from Kalibari.
You will reach it as soon as you start walking for 4-5 minutes along the road to Chalara Bazar.



To eat


There are confectionery shops, tea shops and hotels in Chalara Bazaar, there is nothing available in the hotel except Bhajapura,
There is a biryani hotel with rice in Kalibari market…



Security- So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

((Do not throw tissue paper, water bottles, food packets wherever you go,
This is a private firm, do not do anything here that will stop them from roaming freely for you))


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