Come and visit Sunamganj district which is full of natural beauty.

Places of interest:
1. Shimul Bagan, Tahirpur.
2. Neeladri Lake, Tahirpur.
3. Lakmachhara, Tahirpur.
4. Barek Tila, Tahirpur.
5. Jadukata river, Tahirpur.
. Tanguar Haor, Tahirpur.
. Shanir Haor, Tahirpur.
. Shrine of Shah Arfin, Laureghar, Tahirpur.
9. Bagli, Tahirpur.
10. Bashtala, Doarabazar.
11. Dolura river, Doarabazar.
12. Current river, Narayantala.
13. Hasan Raja Museum, Sunamganj.
14. Shah Abdul Karim’s house, Dirai.
15. Bhatipara Zamindar Mosque, Dirai.
16. Surma Cement Company, Chhatak.
There are also many notable places.






Sunamganj is a district of stunning natural beauty in the foothills of the Indian state of Meghalaya.

The heart of the district is the mystic poet Sadhak Hasan Rajar Museum, Shaheed Abdul Zahur Bridge.

The most notable places are located in Tahirpur upazila. Shimul Bagan, Niladri Lake, Lakmachhara, Barektila, Jadukata River, World Heritage Ramsar Site Tree Fish and Guest Bird Sanctuary Tanguar Haor, Shanir Haor, Bagli, Shah Arfin’s Shrine and many more places.









Upazilas include: Bashtala, Dolura river, Chalati river, Tengratila gas field.

Dirai police station, Shah Abdul Karim’s house, Bhatipara zamindar mosque, is the first cement company in the country.

You can reach Tahirpur Upazila Sadar or Laudergarh and Binnakuli by direct bus, microbus, private car, CNG, Laguna from the district headquarters Sunamganj or you can hire a speedboard and engine driven trawler to visit the places of interest of the district.

Sunamganj-bound buses, microbuses, private cars or private cars from anywhere in the country, including Dhaka to reach Sunamganj first.
Then from Sunamganj by bus, microbus, private car, private car, CNG or Law Laguna directly by crossing Tahirpur Upazila Sadar or Laudergarh Bazar, Binnakuli Bazar, Miarchar Kheyaghat to Badaghat, the commercial center of the upazila. These can be traveled.

If any tourist or visitor wants to stay overnight, there are many good quality hotels in the city where tourists can stay. There will also be Dakbangla of District Parishad in Tahirpur Upazila, Haor Bilas Rest House in Tanguar Haor, Tarek Residential Hotel in Badaghat, Hotel Al-Madina in Mecca Tower, Hotel Khandaker in Joybangla Bazar in Barachhara.



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