Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf.

In December last year, we walked the whole beach from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf with 22 of us!



I have arranged this article in the form of questions and answers, I have attached all the important information and suggestions; I hope it will help those who want to go, if you still have any information, you can comment-


Those who are interested can read this, today’s article on how to make this “beach hiking” tour a beautiful way:


* @How many days does it take to walk the whole thing?


– We walked in 4 days! If you have less time, you can do it in 3 days, but you can’t enjoy it well. We have given this tour quite relaxed, I think it is better to do it in 4 days! If you do it in 3 days, you can only walk, see the beauty of the surroundings and do a little Enjoy on the beach and take a little rest if you want otherwise you will not have time to walk Around!




* Where will I stay the night?


– It’s a camping tour, stay in a tent by the beach, that’s the best! But for those who do not want to stay in a tent, I am telling you a Way! Those who want to finish in 4 days will have to spend 3 nights by the beach. In that case, you can spend the first night in the room of ‘Kachchapia Primary School’ in a place called Kachchapia, the second night there is a forest department rest house in Manakhali in a place called Shamlapur, and the 3rd night in a resort of Inani! It will be tough – it is better to stay in a tent!



* Where to eat and drink?


– At 4 o’clock in the afternoon you can eat dry food or banana-bread-biscuit, for dinner and breakfast we had already prepared for the local food hotel, we ate there! Where I was on the 1st night, there was no food hotel in Kachchapiya, I ate at the house of a local!




* How many groups are better?


– We were 22 people, if you want you can go in a group of 5-6 people, 10-12 people increase the number of people to hang out – what else! Better not to go in groups of 2-3 people!



* Is there no security risk?

– The whole beach seemed safe enough for me! Wandering of local people or fishermen can be seen after a while, moreover, the work of Marine Drive Road was going on at that time, the army was also seen a little after! Locals can be found just a little east of the beach, no problem if the group is large!



* How much does it cost?
– Do it in 3 days or 4 days, the cost of this tour will not be too much.
Coming and going from Dhaka, food, guide expenses, emergency medicines, all the small expenses – altogether the cost per person is 2925 TK!



* Will I have to carry Tent-blankets by myself? Or will I always keep a car with me?



– Winter so we all took thick clothes and blankets along with the tent, but we didn’t carry these, we put the tent and the rest of the clothes in a car and sent them to the place where we would stay the night! If you do this, you can walk comfortably, there is no hassle of carrying a heavy bag, you can do it too! There doesn’t always seem to be any need to keep up with the car!


* What to keep with?


– The only things you should always keep with you are dates, saline and water bottles, as well as painkillers, gas medicines, muscle relaxants, and move creams as emergency medicine! Odoms cream can also be kept for mosquitoes at night! If there is a fear that the stomach may get unsettled, take metronidazole. These medicines need to be taken in small amounts by one person, whoever needs them will take them, not everyone needs all the medicines. I kept these drugs with us in our group!



* What time we Should go?


– Of course, it is winter, at other times it is impossible to walk on the beach for 3/4 days in a row during the day! It is best to fix the date by looking at the full moon!



* Where to start walking?
– Of course, you will come to Cox’s Bazar from Teknaf, that is, start in the opposite direction. The sun is behind, it is convenient to walk! Go directly to Teknaf from Dhaka, start walking from there to Cox’s Bazar!



So, I have mentioned all the useful tips in this post! Knock if you know anything beyond that!

The whole tour was awesome, a tour to remember for a lifetime! ! I want to walk this path again in December this year, I will share the cost myself like last year! Many of those who went last time have shown interest in going again! Let me know in the inbox if anyone new is interested, I’ll knock you out before I go! Since my home is in Cox’s Bazar, I had the privilege of organizing this tour, I hope the cost will not cross 3000 again!

And yes, you can go even if you want to meet your friends, many people dream of walking the whole longest beach in the world! If you need any information in this regard, you can knock!




I got a lot of help from TOB brothers before going on this tour, now it is my responsibility to help new ones who want to go!


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