Cox’s Bazar.

A place where dissatisfaction remains even after going every year. But this time I was most impressed by the security system there. That morning at 6 o’clock o Morning Or 11 o’clock at night, tourist police were on patrol at every point of the beach.






I spent two nights with my family at Hotel Media International at Laboni Point.

It Is an incredibly good service as a Midrange hotel. Places I visited:

:1) Laboni Beach: As it was relatively low Crowded and near the hotel, I managed to take a bath here and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Moreover, opposite the hotel was the “Jhinuk Market”. Although the price is a bit high, there are many items made of oysters and snails to buy, especially to give as a gift to someone.







2) Sugandha Beach: Here is a combination of everything to enjoy and demand even if it is very crowded. If you want to Watch 9D, ride- water bike, quad bike, horse you have to come here. I had a good time watching 9D for the first time after buying a ticket for one hundred TK moreover, the fair type market at Sugandha Point had a wide range of women’s shopping items. There was also a shop to buy dry fish at the fish market. In the live fish restaurants, I have eaten huge crabs, lobsters, octopuses, rupachanda fish, these are the only things I ate for two days as an evening snack.

3) Burmese Market: Since My women went there, they will not miss this market anymore! 😜 Went there in the evening to buy Various Things with dryki, Burmese pickles.

4) Inani Beach: 25 km from Cox for visiting Sampan, setting foot on wet rocks in the water, visiting ships, and traveling on the beautiful Marine Drive Road. You have to go far to Inani Beach. I have also enjoyed patrolling helicopters for a while, although I don’t know if it’s always there.









5) Himchhari: Although it is difficult to climb the stairs in the steep hills, the trouble should not be in vain. It is the ideal place to enjoy the vast ocean from the top of the hill. Besides, if you get a telescope, you can see how the fishermen are fishing in the distant sea with only 20 TK, which was a different experience for me this time. Besides, on the way down, you will also see Himchhari spring. If you are thirsty, you can come down and drink delicious coconut water. These places are absolutely ideal when visiting Cox for the first time. And if you take a long time, you can visit Bangabandhu Safari Park, Ramu, St. Martin, Maheshkhali.


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