Dalal Bazar Kamankhola Zamindar Bari

300 year old zamindar house and kamankhola zamindar house in Dalal Bazar.


Lakshmi Narayan Vaishnav came to Dalal Bazar from Calcutta about 400 years ago to trade in cloth. His successors acquired the commercial agency of the East India Company and later the zamindari. Being commercial agents, the locals did not take them seriously. He called them ‘brokers’. When the zamindars fled, their abandoned zamindar house remained. Today it is facing destruction due to lack of renovation and protection. People flock from far and wide to see the Rajgate, Raj Palace, Zamindar Palace, Andar Mahal Palace, house wall, paved ghat, Nat Mandir, Puja Mandap, Viratakar’s iron chest, iron beam weighing a few tons, etc. Comes. Who or what has recently taken the seat of justice and the seat of dance?


How to go:


From Dhaka, go by road to Laxmipur by Econo or Dhaka Express. It takes 5 and a half hours. The bus leaves from Sayedabad. The buses pass over Dalal Bazar. You will get off the bus at Dalal Bazar. You can also go to Chandpur. From Chandpur Ghat you will go to Dalal Bazar by CNG. In that case, it will take less time. Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari with Bazar. When this tour is over, you will take a rickshaw to Kamankhola Zamindar Bari. The rent will be 20 tk. After visiting the zamindar’s house, he moved to Laxmipur. There are Meghna Char, Alexander Char, Maju Chowdhury Hat to visit Laxmipur. If you go in the morning, you can finish in one day.


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