Detailed information about Darjeeling trip to meet the travel tastes of Idle people.

The problem with housewives is that once they get a taste of nature, they don’t like their house anymore. Several years ago, when he went to Darjeeling on a very short holiday, this homely boy fell in love with the mountains. From then on the hill pulls him. Every year he plans to take a long vacation and spend a couple of nights in a village of Shukna, Rishop or Ramtang. But it doesn’t happen. No vacation or travel companion. The fun of going for a walk alone may be different, but I like the hustle and bustle. Listening to the song above again, I think I will go alone. When it is raining, there will be no crowds of newlyweds, no leisure tourists, only lonely people like me who want to be more alone. I will go down the hill, the road will be closed, I will go to the hill with 10-15 days leave from the office. Or when it is very cold, the black soil of the mountains will no longer be black, it will become like a white door to heaven, then I will be looking at the white giant from a hotel room with a cup of tea or coffee.

Anyway, I have been planning to go to Darjeeling again since last year. But the holidays do not match. The mind is very bad. After Darjeeling, I also made a plan for Bhutan, in Excel, in Word, and also made it. Several are ready that they will go. But the holiday tie doesn’t match. The mind is very bad. In the middle of this, Sikkim opened for Bangladeshis. Ah, the snow, the white snow is there after frying in the hills. A group of people are playing with ice on the hilly Akabaka road. I look at Facebook and my mind becomes lazy. The fight over my vacation lasted until February-March. I’m ready to make a visa. After me, many of my colleagues around me helped me with their visas, and sometimes they traveled to India twice, but my vacation did not match. In the end, April 15-16, along with 12, 13, 14 public holidays, a six-day holiday. But this time the problem is one of the companions of the journey. But according to all the reviews of Sikkim, it is better to have 6-7 people. I post on Facebook on this ToB. A few gave Sara. A man named Rakib Bhai told me to go with the whole gang of six. I agree. Let’s go now.

With Phulbari who took my visa. All things considered, the Phulbari tie seemed the best to me, because –

1) Phulbari or Chandrabandha does not open any port before 9 o’clock

2) E-latheric people at two ports, will eat your 1 – 1.30 hours.

3) The road from Phulbari to Siliguri is only 25-30 minutes

4) The day you arrive in Sikkim in the afternoon or evening, there is nothing to do, find a hotel, take a package to go to Lachung the next day and eat, you have no other activity that day, so what if you go in the afternoon and go in the evening

5) The Tourism Authority will give e-permission on the day you go on tour, not the day before, Sangu’s permission from 8am to 8.30am and Lachung Youngtham’s permission from 8.30am, most likely until 11pm.

Now let’s talk about my journey, I can’t describe the beauty, to me the description of beauty means, Vavarevava kiektabastha, ha koira takaya was, for this I will just try to share some info –

Night 1 – (April 11)

I wanted to go a little lazy and relaxed so I chose the train. It is scheduled to leave Kamalapur at 8 pm and reach at 8.30 am. The train left at 8 o’clock, there is no difference. Three days off in a row so normal buggy is very crowded, we had snigdha, there are no people here without tickets. For now, my colleague and I have left for Sikkim to join the Rakib brothers in a day. They will go one day later as they wanted to avoid this 11th Janasamudra.

Day 1 – Night 2 (April 12)

The train was late as usual and reached Panchagarh at 9 am. In the middle of this, two friends of my fellow passenger Mitan Bhai informed him that they are also going to Sikkim, they are coming to Panchgarh by bus. I thought More the Merrier. None of them. Luckily when we got off the train they also reached Panchgarh city at the same time. Now the Banglabandha border is quite far from the railway station, it takes about 2 hours by bus. You can go to the bus station by auto from the station, from there you will get Banglabandha bus to Tetulia every 15-20 minutes. We contacted from Dhaka and arranged a micro for the two of them, but when Mitan Bhai’s friends left, the four of us left in a micro in just 40 minutes.

Here at the all-inclusive border. Which room to go from, which room to go to is a very puzzling thing. If you leave without clearing customs with an immigration seal, or without paying a travel tax, no one will stop you. But there is no shortage of people to see what money is given or not. Here Camon takes time to understand the cost. I give an account of the cost

A two-storey building with an immigration office gate, an arrival and departure counter on both sides, but if you don’t come with a travel tax, you’ll have to go further inside at Sonali Bank’s booth, per person will charge only 10 rupees more
This time you will pay port tax, that is in another room, you will pay 42 rupees tax 50 rupees

Now you have to enter the name for departure, they will fill in your embarkation form, you can’t do it yourself even if you want to, even if you take it by yourself, it will not be accepted, because here you have to pay 100 rupees per person, they have to fill it. You entered immigration with Chada.
Asks nothing at immigration

Didn’t do it, didn’t even want my NOC.
I’m going out at the end, at that time a guard said sir your customs is not done, go to that back room. There he wanted 100 without any reason. My DSLR was entered in the passport. Four people later came out with 300 rupees.
India Part A and Same Problem. Latharji. But it’s time. You will sleep, all the work will be done by the officer Rai at these two ports, you will just pour money, the officer Rai of the two ports will do your work.

However, after finishing the work of the two ports at 10.45, we broke the money, the rate is very bad here. I got Bengali money at 71, and if I took a dollar, I would have caught it.

You will get many autos from Phulbari border to Siliguri. When we went to bargain with a Tata Sumo, the driver came rushing, so we were forced to tuck in the car and reached Siliguri in 30 minutes. We did not go directly to SNT but went to Hotel Central Plaza (Shyamoli’s counter). Because the stomach is extremely hungry, and the food in Central Plaza is very tasty, the price is a little harsh. I was eating and deciding what could be done. Two brothers Apu Bhai and Rubel Bhai are very funny people with Mitan Bhai, they were joking and keeping us quite happy. Apu Bhai says that two more baby boys are about to come, can we wait for them ?? Now the Shyamoli bus from Chandrabandar will arrive at 1 o’clock. I mean, there’s still about 1 hour left, I thought it could be waited. We thought that since we are in Siliguri, let’s go to SNT once, although everything can be done in Rangpo, but we are still sitting. I will tell you later how much this decision has helped us. So that’s what you think. We went to SNT and filled out the form, submitted a copy of our photo and a photocopy of our passport visa to them, they let us fill out a form, the form was filled out in 4-5 minutes. They gave us a separate permission in the name of four people. 10-15 minutes in total. This time I found out that the bus to Chandrabandha will come or it will be late today. I thought we should leave, let those two come later. We fixed a Tatasumo with SK at Rs 2,800, there was a little car crisis that day, so the cost was high. As we started our journey, it was 3.45 pm, but the two men still could not reach Siliguri by Shyamoli. Anyway, after coming to Shalgura 20 minutes after Siliguri, my love seemed to wake up again. So much so that from last night onwards, everything was slowly disappearing. After crossing Shalgura, after Sevak Mor, there is only the sound of squeaking insects, nothing more. We crossed Teesta, Teesta Bazaar via NH10 and reached Radhangpo about 1 hour or 1.30 hours later. Rangpo was an International Border until 1975. It is the border check post of India and Sikkim. But now that it is part of India, only foreigners are registered here, nothing more. Anyway, I was talking about SNT, you will be registered on the second floor of the FRRO office in Rangpo. After standing for 10 minutes, I see that the line is no longer moving. I have a copy of the permission taken from SNT in my hand. Seeing this, one of the brothers said, “You are standing here. You have already got permission. You go straight to the office. You don’t need a line. The crowd shouted at the entrance of the office, Can go first, we are waiting, so the officer inside said he will come first, he has got permission, he will just take the seal. Wow, all in all, Radhangpo is over in 20 minutes.






So those of you who don’t need to go to SNT, all of them are in Rangpo, they don’t say wrong, but no one says the problem. Tourist season ahead, Rangpo will be crowded, only 10 minutes drive from Central Plaza to SNT, and cheap Tatasumo to get to Sikkim and SNT, then spend 10-15 minutes here, maybe you will save 2-3 hours in Rangpo. . Once the work is done at Radyangpo, you are only 40 km away from Gangtok. But it took us 2.30 hours to go to this 40 kg canoe, the driver drove slowly, a convoy of political leaders fell in front (at that time the election had just ended the day before), suddenly the fog covered, so all in all Gangtok I arrived at 8 o’clock at night. Everyone is tired, somehow we got a hotel that can accommodate four people in one room. A room for 4 people costs 1800 rupees, name is Majong Residency, this is MG Marg. With the statue of Netaji. Kanchenjunga can be seen from the room in the morning again, the only problem is, the hotel manager is from Kolkata, so he is not as simple as the hills, he tried to mess with us in everything. He wanted to give us a Lachung-Yamtham package at a high price, but we didn’t take it. But when I came out, I saw that everything was closed. Rubel Bhai said that whatever is left in the forehead, I will start the mission tomorrow at 8 am, tomorrow I will go to Lachung. We went to sleep inshallah boila. Khana Khaiddyo is a Muslim hotel’s heinous cock biryani. Let’s sleep. Fee Amanillah. The temperature is still quite warm and what if it is very low 14-15. I woke up once in the night, who knows, there was a pair of toilet doors, a very loud noise, I woke up and saw the rest asleep, it means none of us. I stay after the ambush, there is no sound. After a while, the door opened lightly with a catchy sound, and it started again. I stay quiet later, something

I don’t say.

Day 2 Night 3 (April 13)

I called everyone at 5.30 in the morning, I did not tell the story of the night in Kaur, I will be afraid of unnecessary ghosts. I went out at 8 o’clock and opened a few agencies, but no one agreed to Lachung today. I told him to go to Sangu, they said, Sangu gives permission first thing in the morning, then Lachung, Sangu can’t be thought of today. This time we took another path. Leaving the agency, we went to the front of the tourism office where the driver was queuing for permission. I asked some drivers if it was possible, they said give a city tour today, go tomorrow. Suddenly a driver said, do you have the patience to go to Lachung today? We said if we can’t go today less time, we will end. He said go to Sonam Dada. Lord Travels, the agency is just above where they are holding the line. I went to him, he looked at our helpless face for a while with a sweet smile and said give me 3 copies of passport, visa and photo, I try. He called her once and then called her again. Sometimes he went to the tourism office by himself. Aisa said, hurry up, you will go today. No, permission will be given to 4 people, to two people? He said no problem, I will give koira. He charged us Rs 13,500, I wanted to make a bargain, but seeing that the butt would be out of hand, I agreed to give it to Tata Sumo.

By 9 o’clock we got permission. I won’t tell you where it was late for, I was annoyed at that time but later I was having a lot of fun with this delay, it was 10.45 am when we started. As I said before I can’t describe the beauty. But it was our turn to be surprised. Hundreds of small and big showers on the way. The roads are not smooth in some places, sometimes there are dangerous slopes, slopes, and in some places, bridges and roads are broken into ditches. Seeing all this, we reached a place a little before Sankalong for lunch. I saw that the vehicles of almost all the agencies stop here for food. The food is roasted eggs, pulses, young bus soup and stale pumpkin. Except for the pumpkin, we were swallowing the rest. On the way we crossed Veoma Falls, some more Chu and Jhiri and when we were near Lachung it was raining heavily. Suddenly from 14-15 in Gangtok to about 1 degree in Lachung. The six of us were given two rooms, and from our room we could see a mountain covered in ice. He is an unearthly sight. Even in so much rain, it is very clear that the blue mountains are covered with snow. We say Vavarevava and stare. We stare at it until we go to eat rice with mountain rooster, pulses and pickles at night.





Our driver Umesh Dada, Hebby Smart, and Fanny came to this guy and said don’t look at it. We agreed.

Day – 3 Nights 4 (14th April – 1st Boishakh)

We get up at 5.30 in the morning and look at the hill again. I was missing the first Baishakh very much, this is the first time I am not in Dhaka on the first Baishakh. Lachung village was not seen last night. The village is more fresh after the night rain and rain. In the meantime, the boy of the hotel came and informed that the water was closed due to rain from yesterday night, so in the morning he went to the mountain to fetch water, there is not much snow today. That means our luck is good. We had tea and left. Leaving Lachung aside, we continue to climb the stairs to heaven. We left the village in 5 minutes or so, so we kept seeing the reception of ice around us. The more I get up, the whiter the mountains become. Once we reach a point in Katao, we are not allowed to go beyond it. After that it was all army barracks. We are happy to see that atatuku. Holding the ice, I try to take pictures, Mitan tries to skate on the ice. As if we are children. After a while, if the driver chases, I also chase them, if possible, everyone comes to kill me. I also pretended to be scared, I told the driver Umesh will hit me if I hurry to go again, you sit in the car, I will bring it after a while. We headed straight for Yumthang Valley from Katao, but after the white snow of Katao and the mesmerizing view of the surroundings, Yumthang seemed very simple to me. Umesh said, “All right, this is simple now. You come to Yumthang in winter. I don’t understand. Yumthang means a valley of flowers to us.” And after one or two months, flowers of 32 colors will bloom here. Then let’s see the color of it, I say I will come next year. Anyway, I ate dry bread and jam and stood there. I returned to Gangtok at 1 o’clock after eating rice with eggs and pulses. It seems that Lachung’s package has taken a little more money from us, but we go to Sonam again to go to Sangu the next day. He gave us the next day package in Luxurious and new Innova car with guide for 5000 rupees. We give all the documents in three copies here again. Now it’s my turn to eat. I found a bunch in a store. The rest took rolls, momo, and noodles. Today, sleep again in the room on the roof of the majong. Where the ghost knocks on the toilet’s door. I didn’t want to get up, but the rest of me got up. This time I sat down to talk about ghosts. How many Hur Mia sleeps.







Day – 4 Nights 5 (April 15)

In the morning Rubel’s brother said he was tomorrow night

He noticed that the door of the toilet was locked by someone, and the light of the toilet was on. I go to the bath in fear. Raikha gritted her teeth and opened the door. At that moment, it seemed as if a cold wind was blowing on me and Taina was trying to stop the door. But Ray boy !!! I find the ghost. I try to chase away the ghost with one click, but will you slap me in the wind ?? The window of the toilet was like the window of our house, which we kept open, through which the mountain air enters quite a couple. And the door of that wind blows the house once and opens it again. And the night before, one of us was sleeping with the toilet light on.

Now it’s time to visit Sangu. The Innova car is quite comfortable. Six of us turned around quite comfortably. From 7500 feet in Gangtok, we took the hilly Akabaka narrow road and only climbed for about 1.30 – 2 hours. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Be Gentle BRO, The View is beautiful not the Death.

Have you ever wondered who made these roads where it is almost unbearable to live; it is the BROs, Be Respectful to them and Drive Slow.

Shortly before we reached Sangu, we stopped at a shop and rented a pair of thick warm clothes for everyone, socks, hand socks, jackets are all here. When we got ready and reached Sangu, it was covered with clouds. Something doesn’t look right. I started to feel very frustrated. The lake is not understood at all. I turned off the camera and tried to run, but here was the danger. I forgot it was 12,600 feet. My eyes became light and dark, and my breath stopped. I sat on the ice for a while, and surprisingly after a while everything was fine again. We started throwing ice just like kids. Since nothing will come up in the camera, so there is no rush to take pictures, we just started to enjoy the ice, it was our turn to return very soon. Gangtok city tie has not been seen yet, love for the city has not yet awakened, now at 12 o’clock, 2 o’clock can be reached, today we will see the city on foot. But if I wanted to, God would not. On the way down, a car had crashed just before the check post, the road was closed. গাড়ি Do not drive until the car is removed. For the whole 2 – 2.30 hours we were just stuck on a narrow road. When I reached Gangtok, it was 6.30 pm because the whole road was jammed. I was upset that if I came back to this city, I would have to make friends with the city. Not. We take a light walk on MG Marg and find Bigbazar. There is no such thing in Fakira Bigbazar. Nothing is bought. People in the office need to buy chocolate, but they don’t get it. I will come back the next day, I want to come back very early in the morning, if I can do some shopping in Siliguri in this hope. I get a car who will pick us up at 8 in the morning, I feel bad thinking that our Sikkim tour will end.

Day – 5 Nights 8 (April 17)

We got in the car at 8 in the morning, Xylo car, very comfortable, in the experience of the day in Gangtok, we didn’t expect to reach Radangpo, it might be 7 or 8.30, but to our surprise we reached Radangpo at exactly 6.15, we I kept shouting to the driver to leave us here, we will come back with the exit seal. The driver assured us that there was no need to come to the office, look at the check post on the opposite side of the road, there are officers there too. You can take the exit from there. I entered the office of the check post with suspicion, I saw a few others like us, they were submitting the copy of their permission in another country and writing the date of Just Departure inside the entry seal in the passport. We are reassured. Come back to Siliguri at 9 o’clock. We missed a lot on the way to Gangtok, this time we saw a lot of things – writing some great things for car drivers on the side of the hill –

Be gentle on my Curves Baby
This is Valley not a Rally
Death is not only Costly for US, it is costly for you and your family too

After breakfast here we go to Bidhan Market. Without wasting any time and without buying anything, we came back to the border at the previous system at 3.30 pm. Costs and procedures on both sides are again the same, and the amazing thing is the time to come back here and take the port tax. Because when asked, he says this is the rule of this port. Checking is very low. Nothing happens.

It is our turn to return to Dhaka. Our vehicle and train again, at 9 pm, we returned to Panchgarh by local bus. Arrive by 8 o’clock. After eating at the silent hotel, we came to the station, where the waiting room is very tidy, the toilet is clean. The train left as usual at 9 o’clock. The next day at 9.30 am we were at his house.

Let’s calculate the cost –

Per Person Snigdha on the train – 1000 rupees

Micro rent – 1200 rupees

Speed ​​Money Per Person at Two Borders – 450 rupees

Travel tax and port tax – 800 + 10 rupees

In Siliguri Toto – Rs. 250 (Per Person Parlo – Rs. 63 for 4 people)

Siliguri to Gangtok Tata Sumo – Rs. 2600 (Per Person Parlo – Rs. 450 for 6 people, I took two on the way)

Hotel Rent – Rs. 1800 per night (per person wear – Rs. 400 for 4 persons)

Lachung Yumthang Package – Rs. 13500 (Per Person Parlo – Rs. 2250 for 6 persons) All with food

Sangu Package – Rs.5000 (Per Person Parlo – Rs.834 for 6 people)

Remaining two days hotel rent – Rs.

Gangtok to Siliguri – Rs 3,200 (per person wear – Rs 540 for 6 people) – more, because Xylo car



Border again per person – 450 + 50 port tax

Banglabandha to Panchagarh – 60 rupees per person

Train fare – Rs

In the end, it all ended up at Rs 9,500 per person, including food and chess.


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