“Devatakhum” seems to be the current craze.

It is as if everyone is addicted to discovering Devtakhum in a hurry. And why not get off! Who doesn’t want to experience something good in a fairly short trek.




So 2/3 post about Devatakhum was seen in Travelers of Bangladesh (ToB). After a while I saw that in 2016 there is only one post on TOB about Devatakhum. 2017 5/6 more people wrote about it. That means it has not yet become disgusting with pure and reputed tourists. The elder brother Sabbir immediately agreed, the plan was ready for the night. We started our journey from Kamalapur at 11.15 on Tuesday night. In the meanwhile I came to Comilla at 6 in the morning after falling into a huge traffic jam on the Dhaka-Chittagong road. Where we were supposed to stay in Bandarban in the morning, the plan went downhill.




What’s more, we are adamant. We reached Bandarban at 11.30 in the morning. After breakfast we bought some necessities from the market and left for Roangchhari. The experience of roller coaster will give you 50 minutes of journey to Roangchhari. It feels good to be sitting in the car of the moon. I stood with my head out with all my strength almost all the way. I have been to Roangchhari before, but every time a new mountain fascinates me. With permission from Roangchhari police station we went to Kachchapatli. There is also a need to submit a copy of the voter ID card to get permission. Although permission was granted for the army camp in Liragaon, the permission for camping was not granted. Later, they said, if you want to be sealed, you must get written permission from the police station. Later, with the help of a local brother, we got permission. We were only allowed to camp that day and then 10 minutes later we got in the car and dropped off in front of a bridge. From here you have to trek to Shilbandha Para. Only 30 minutes trekking path is paved. However, high mountains will leave you a little uncomfortable. Here I noticed that the hills were being burned for zoom cultivation. Large trees have also been cut down in many hills. I don’t know when the mountain collapsed and everything collapsed.




Anyway, at the beginning of Shilbandha Para, yellow-red-pink mountain flowers greet us. When I climbed the slope, my eyes widened. A small neighborhood, but very tidy. Arranged as in the picture, the tall coconut trees above the houses add a different charm to the neighborhood. Since time is short, we leave our bags fresh and leave for Devatakhum. Khummer of Devtakhum can be seen just a 20-30 minute walk from this neighborhood. Due to the low flow of water in this season, clear water was seen. On the way to Devtakhum, we crossed the small rocky Jhiri and saw the raft.





Each raft made of bamboo can seat 2/3 people. As soon as I saw it, I ran and started to go out with the raft. Khum is getting narrower and narrower between the 600 feet high hills on both sides. After that it has reduced from 10-15 feet to 3/4 feet. Sometimes light enters less, so a lot of darkness. And the water is like icy cold. We sailed on a raft. I took some pictures. Then I went to the end. It is time to get down there and jump into the water and return again. Doesn’t really want to come, but time will be less evening. There are many myths about Devatakhum, many people say that there was a deity here before, people could not be found if they dived. So they are subdued by worship. Again many say the curse was big. But whatever else, the water never dries up here. There are a lot of big fish. And the depth of the water is much higher. If you do not know how to swim, you should not go into the water in any way.





Then we return to the neighborhood to have fresh lunch in the evening. After that, there is no preparation for camping next to Jhiri under the hill of the neighborhood. I pitched a tent. Under the stars we fill the sky to prepare dinner. I cook by myself at night. Lots of salted potatoes and chicken meat are stuck in the mouth. 10 unfamiliar faces easily become yours. We stay up all night singing and chatting. The sky above my head, the chirping of birds, and the call of birds fascinate me. Another attraction of the night was shrimp fishing in Jhiri. At night the fish come to the shore water. Not missing this opportunity, we all fell asleep in the middle of the night and started our journey again in the morning with our own cooked khichuri and shrimp caught in the jhiri.

Note: If you want to be sealed, you must take written permission from the police station.
There are still a lot of clean seals and Devatakhum. We didn’t find any plastic, and we didn’t throw it away. Please don’t make food disgusting by throwing food packets, polythene, plastic. Remember it’s not just us who have the right to see. We must also leave for the future.


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