Dhaka Bandarban Ruma Bazar Bagalek Keokradong.

Day-0 (10-09-18)
Our team was 10 people.
Our journey to Bandarban started from Panthapath signal at 10.30 pm. The overnight journey ended at 8 am.









Day-01 (11-09-18)

After freshening up at the bus stand (public toilet / counter toilet) and having breakfast at Ruma, we reached the bus stand and got on the bus at 6.15 am. We climbed on the roof of 4 people. If you take care of the above dal turn carefully, I hope there will be no more risk. Then you will see that this 3 hour bus journey will probably be one of the best journeys of your life. On the way, Bandarban-Ruma road and the beauty of the side is indescribable. After receiving our pre-arranged guide and signing all the paperwork at Ruma Army Camp, we set off in a moon car for Kamalabazar. On the way we continued to enjoy the beauty of Ruma-Kamalabazar road. It is very beautiful in one word. After reaching Kamalabazar, I bought a stick and started climbing the hill for the purpose of Bagalek. This 30 minute journey will be a little difficult. Don’t be disappointed in it. Next time, there is no such dry road. And always keep in mind that there are surprises waiting for you in front. If you take care, your morale will be strong. We reached Bagalek in the late afternoon, signed at Bagalek Army Camp and got up in our cottage. After bathing Bagalek, we freshened up, had lunch and rested around Bagalek for some time. Let’s have a bar-b-que party. (In this case, you have to tell the guide at the Ruma Bazaar and bring the necessary purchases from the Ruma Bazaar, all of which will be guided by one of you). This was the best bar-b-que of our life (ours). Guide Grandpa Just Rocks). At the very end, I have given her number. If anyone goes, they will talk about our journey date and our team of 10 people. You can also get extra advantages.







Day-02 (12-09-18)

I got up in the morning, got ready, had breakfast and left for Keokradong. You will get some of the best views on the way to Keokradong. And the beauty of the shrimp fountain … I say no more. Arriving at Darjeeling Para. Here we eat eggs, tea, guava etc. at a sister’s shop and gossip for about an hour. These hours were a wonderful time which is not to be forgotten. Darjeeling Para is a very clean and beautiful Para. We set off again for the purpose of Keokradong. In 30-40 minutes we reach the peak of Keokradong. When we reach the top cottage. After lunch we take a light rest and visit Keukradong and its surroundings. After eating with chicken at night, we gossip all night long.





Day-3 (13-09-18)
I got up at 6 in the morning and left for Bagalek. On the way down, the same sister’s shop in Darjeeling Para, tea and breakfast are not good. Then I started the journey again. I reached Bagalek by 10 o’clock. Our moon car was waiting there. Our goal was to catch the first bus from Ruma to Bandarban. But unfortunately our moon car broke down in the middle of the way so we can catch the 3 o’clock bus. It is good to know that the last bus from Ruma to Bandarban leaves at 3.15 minutes. So in each case you will count the time. Then at 6 pm we reached Bandarban and went to the bus stand and did not eat at the hotel before. You can say dinner / lunch together. There was no time to launch, meanwhile our return ticket was cut at 6.30. As soon as this one moon car broke down, our planning changed a lot. However, this is how our Bandarban tour came to an end.





Day 4 (14-09-18)
I reached Dhaka in the morning.

Now let’s settle the accounts ….

We had 10 team members, so 10 people were counted.

Dhaka-Bandarban Tk 720 (per head)


Bandarban Bus Stand – Ruma Bus Stand (Auto) Tk. 15 (Per Head)

Bandarban-Ruma Bazar Tk 120 (per head)

Form + Photocopy ~ 90 (10 people)

Ruma-Kamalabazar (Moon car) -2500 / –
But we liked 1830 / – (11) people (got a group of 4 people)
Stick -10 / – (one)
Lunch – 120 / – (pulses, rice, fried eggs, fried sweet pumpkin) per head.
Dinner – 120 / – (Pulses, rice, fried eggs, fried and cooked, potato allowance)







Cottage 150 / – (per head)

Morning Tea Biscuits – 20 / – (Per Head)
Banana on the way up – 80 / – (11 people)
Eating eggs, bananas, tea, peas etc. in Darjeeling Para – 480 / – (11 persons)
Lunch at Keukradong – 130 (rice, pulses, eggs, vegetables)
Eating at night – 200 / – (rice, chicken, potato allowance, pulses) to say before eating potato allowance.
Cottage – 300 / – per head (We stayed in the top cottage, to my knowledge the rent is the highest, the lowest possible cottage rent is 150-200 rupees)




Breakfast in Darjeeling Para – 480 / – (11 people) Here we eat boiled eggs, banana, tea, guava, biscuits.
Kamalabazar-Ruma Bazar (Moon car) -2500 / -but we liked it
180 / – (11 people) We got another group of 4 people
Guide – 600 rupees (per day)
Rumabazar-Bandarban-120 / – (Per Head)
Bandarban Bus Stand-15 / – (Per Head)
I have already said that we did not get a chance to eat lunch. We ate in the afternoon after going to Bandarban
-1720 / – (10 people) Last meal and no food all day

So this food has been eaten a little too much.

*** It cost us around Rs 1,100 for the bar-b-que and for this bar-b-que the guide was given an extra Rs 200 and we happily gave a bonus of Rs 200.

* You have to stay with the guide.

 Some words from experience

Keep counting the time.

° Everyone must keep dry food.

 Drink plenty of water, saline, glucose on the way up and down the hill

 Step on the hill carefully every time.

Don’t be overly enthusiastic and bring your own danger.

° You have to sign in the army camp many times. This work may seem annoying. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about in front of the army. The result of good treatment with them will also be good.

° The first day will be a little more difficult, especially to get up from Kamalabazar Bagalek. Do not be disappointed in it. Be patient. The fruit of patience is always sweet.
 Use good grip shoes. Try to keep the bag light.

~ The writing has become too big, if there is any mistake, you will catch it.
Thanks, Happy Traveling

**** The last and most important thing is to refrain from doing anything that spoils the nature wherever you go. Dispose of the garbage you carry or put it in your bag and then throw it in the right place.

Guide-017-43229548 (Saful Barua) Dada.


********** RUPEES WILL BE TAKA**********


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