Dhaka-Khulna-Karamjal-Sundarbans travelouge.

The jungle was never on my list of favorites. When I heard that Pan was going to the Sundarbans, I was in a bad mood. Because I loved the sea.
And now when I hear the name Sundarbans, I think only one thing, why are you so beautiful ?!

We went through Khulna. There was a route
Our tour was 3 days 3 nights.
We started our journey on the night of December 16 last year. Our train was Chitra Express. At that time the weather was very bad. The sea was rough. Even then I left in the name of Allah.
I reached Khulna station at 5 am on the 19th. The distance from the station to Khulna launch ghat is 6-7 minutes on foot.
I went to the launch and took the key of the room. Our room was on the second floor. I freshened up. I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning. I came a long way. I missed the Rupsha bridge. But I was still in the Rupsha river.
We crossed Mongla. Huge ships, Mongla cement factory, and Rampal power plant can be seen in the distance. Then the river of animals. After a while dolphin dolphins were floating in the river.

Day 1:

First spot: Karamjal
There are deer and crocodile breeding centers here. But the most important thing is that the monkeys in Karamjal are very monkeys. They were snatching the food they were looking at.
There is also a narrow wooden road through the forest. Green trees on both sides of the road, the roots, and lots of deer and pig footprints on the ground.

Second spot: Harbaria
The first thing that catches my eye when I go to Harbaria is the golpata tree and golphal. There are many round fruit trees. According to the locals, behind this golgacha is hidden the Royal Bengal Ryger. Besides, there is a pond full of red lotus. Surrounded by numerous golpata trees. Here we first see the footprints of a mother tiger and two baby tigers.
Harbaria honey is very good. If you buy honey, it is better to buy it from here.

Day 2: Jamtala Beach:
This beach is what is called terribly beautiful. If you want to go here, you have to walk about 6 miles in total. You have to go here through the jungle. There is also a very beautiful small pond here. Deer can be seen roaming freely here.
Next to this beach, there are huge tree trunks destroyed by various natural calamities. The color of the water here is a little dark.
And if you’re lucky, you can see Irrawaddy dolphins. A dolphin has been jumping into the water all the time we’ve been there. It’s a really beautiful place.

2nd spot: Katka office
I saw the most deer here and there were wild pigs. When our launch stopped at the shore in the morning, one of our group saw a pair of tigers in this cut. There are many oysters lying on the shore of the cut.
A huge whale skeleton was found in an abandoned building next to the beach. Locals said the whale was trapped here during the Sidr.

Day 3: Diamond Point
It is also known as Nilkamal. Here on the way to Asarsa I saw a huge single crocodile lying on the bank and basking in the sun. Moals are cooking in boats along the edge of the forest some distance away. At any moment, a tiger or a crocodile can attack them. What a strange uncertain life.
Hiranpoint full of trees. Narrow wooden road, garana, gewa, sundari, then a little seating area, all in all a beautiful environment surrounded by greenery.


Kachikhali is a dense jungle around the Sundarbans narrow river as shown in National Geography. It is basically a canal where you can go around by boat. Snakes, chameleons and some other rare animals can be seen while walking here. We saw forest rooster and guisap.

Dublar Char:

The most beautiful and last spot of our tour was Dublar Char, which is why I fell in love with the Sundarbans.
An impossibly beautiful island, famous for fishing. We got off the boat and saw many baby sharks lying on the shore. And living snakes. We also saw a dead octopus.
Those who like dried fish can definitely buy it from here. There are only dried fish and dried fish around here and the price is comparatively less, very fresh, and medicine is free.

The island is bounded on the east by the Pashur River, on the west by the Shibsa River and on the other by the Bay of Bengal.
There are many jellyfish in the sea water. You can touch it by touching the water.
I have never seen such a lonely, tidy, beautiful island.
There are no locals here. Those who are there stay here for four months and go out of business.

The launch food is very tasty. 10/10 at once. And their staff is also very sincere.

Day 1:
Parota + vegetables + eggs + tea / coffee
★ Light breakfast at 11 a.m.
Cake + banana + tea / coffee
Rice + vegetables + chicken + vetch fish + salad
Breakfast –
Noodles + tea / coffee
Rice + vegetables + chicken + rui fish + salad

Day 2:
Roasted Khichuri + Roasted Egg + Pickle + Salad
হাল Light breakfast at 11am
Fruit + Puri + Richa / Coffee
Rice + Vegetables + Fishya Fish + Chicken + Pulses + Salad
Breakfast in the afternoon
Noodles + tea / coffee
Nan Bread + Fried Rice + Chicken Barbecue + Fish Barbecue + Roasted Pulses + Russian Salad + Cold Drinks

Day 3:
★ Morning:
Parota + eggs + vegetables + tea / coffee
Light breakfast:
Puri + Biscuit + Tea
★ Noon:
Biryani + eggs + yogurt + salad + drinks
That afternoon
Chhola + Muri + Tea + Biscuits
That night
Rice + vegetables + chicken + fish + salad

The best time to visit the Sundarbans is from November to February. Because the weather is better here than at other times. It can be called a no-noise tour.
Our tour was a relaxing tour. What could be more like solitude away from mechanical life. The most beautiful time of peace at lunch is from the moment before evening to the whole night. A cup of colored tea and sea b.


Lost in shale.
If anyone wants to take a cheap Titanic Phil then this is definitely the exact place
My room was on the second floor. Lying on the bed to enjoy the sea and the front porch of the room like a huge veranda in the evening where you will remember the Titanic at least once. You can have tea or coffee with it. There is always a cold wind. The wind is blowing, so winter clothes are a must.
Only Teletalk’s network is available in the Sundarbans. But it is not available after the cut. Necessary communication is better to end beforehand.

We were a total of 6 people. So there was no stranger at the launch.
It took a total of 320,000 TK including three days and three nights for lunch + food.

Sundarbans is our most valuable natural resource. Do not throw garbage or unnecessary things wherever you go in the Sundarbans. Do not go inside the forest to see any animal and shout or talk in pairs. Wild animals are afraid of it. .
Long live our Sundarbans.


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