Dim Pahar

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Thanchi-Alikadam Dim Pahar in Bandarban with its indescribable beauty and diverse lifestyle. The location of Dim Pahar is right in the middle of Alikadam and Thanchi police stations. The boundaries of the two police stations have been determined by this hill. There was no way to get to this very inaccessible mountain for so long. Fortunately, the road from Alikadam to Thanchi has been constructed under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army. The 33-kilometer road took 10 years to build and three members of the Army Engineering Corps died in various accidents during construction. So You can Imagine how inaccessible the road to Dim Pahar is.






Another piece of information needs to be added to increase the interest in going to the egg hill. The Alikadam-Thanchi regional road is currently the highest road in Bangladesh. This road rises from Alikadam and the height of the road near Dim hill stands at 2500 feet. Thanchi-Alikadam, 30 km from Alikadam Upazila, is a hilly road.


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