Expression of disobedient feelings, madmen fall in love with Pahelgam.

There is some love, which can never be forgotten, can not be kept away from the mind. That love can be adolescence, youth, maturity, even love can be caught at the end of life. That’s what love is all about. No one can imagine when, where, how and why it will come in anyone’s life. The thing about love is that it never comes by saying or telling in advance. If there is ever such a thing, it is not just love, it is something like love.

To me love is a feeling of disobedience, restlessness, unbearable, unearthly happiness, which is not seen by any age, time or position. Love rushes and becomes unknowingly. Sometimes love is such that he himself does not know or understand the love he has fallen in love with. How the mind just for something special, a wailing in the chest, the eyes become thirsty to see once, the soul yearns for a little touch. And if after hundreds of attempts it comes in front of the eyes or the feeling of touch, then the feelings become dull, the feeling disappears, the normal thoughts are lost somewhere and the one who has fallen in love becomes dumb.





No feelings are expressed then. Infinite, disobedient and infinite love seems to be like this. At least that’s what I think. Every now and then the love that makes its presence known, makes the mind bored, blows the crazy wind in the soul, carries the heart in a turbulent current, melts the reality like ice and falls away. Yes Kashmir, more specifically Pahelgam of Kashmir is such a name of love to me. Disobedient, restless, unearthly love.

I can’t understand which place I will talk about in Pahelgam. For those of us who can afford it, there is little luxury to be lost in unearthly love, for those who go to Pahelgam just to wander around and enjoy life a little, for them everything in Pahelgam is like a land of happiness, the palm of heaven that covers everything, Anything. Pine forests, waterfalls, the Lidder River, the occasional variety of rocks, the many colorful hills, each one of which is always adorned with happy posara.

Who will I talk to, how much will I say, how will I say? There is an unbearable feeling of secret happiness in everything. Pine forest? He is like a forest of paradise surrounded by shade, covering the whole forest surrounded by happiness. The roots of the pine, dripping from the depths of the mountain soil, flowing through the stream, seem to be trying to present themselves here and there in a new parable of happiness. And what is the joy of riding a horse in the pine forest covered with that bliss and wandering aimlessly in the unknown curves of the unknown mountains? What analogy can be tied to that happiness, thrill? I don’t think so.






Or what if you were sitting on the soft green grass on the bank of the Lidar, surrounded by the smiles of different flowers, the scents, the prickly bites, the splashing water of the flowing river? What can be done without being thrilled? I don’t think so. Eternal leisure can be spent sitting comfortably on that flowery bank of the overflowing river, he can say without hesitation. Sleep, hunger, fatigue, nothing can touch you then. Unearthly happiness will make anyone feelless.






Or if you have a little courage, you can take a leap and sit in the midst of the surging currents of the leader, on a rock that has shown its nobility in its majesty. If anyone could sit on that rock, would anyone have any idea how it would feel? Can anyone give an explanation of that unearthly feeling? I do not know by any analogy, by any explanation, if that feeling is expressed, all the feelings of happiness of the heart can be understood.

Stay tuned for now, a description of this disobedient love, unbearable happiness, unearthly. Lest the heart, mind and soul become restless and run to him, to see him, to get his touch. In the end one may have to exile oneself from reality. So stay tuned for the time being, the Aru Valley of my unbearable happiness and the desperate valley of lazy leisure, one day or another, can be said later if the emotion becomes disobedient.

Who can not be forgotten, never again. From time to time the drunken air of love makes the mind restless, at the right time or at the wrong time.


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