Feelings of natural beauty in the mountains.

Bright blue sky. If you want to experience the natural beauty between the water of Karnafuli river and the green hills, go to Rangamati’s Shuvlong spring. Blue sky, milky white clouds in the distance. The mind will want to get lost when it sees green mountains and blue water.
The location of the waterfall is only 25 km from Rangamati Sadar. During the monsoon season, a huge stream of water falls from a 140-foot-high hill into Kaptai Lake. Also the beauty of the way to see the Shubhlong waterfall can make you emotional. Seeing the lake flowing through the two mountains can be mistaken for Thailand!





Shubhlong fountain
Shuvlong Jharna is the largest waterfall in Shilar Para area of ​​Barkal upazila of Rangamati district.







If you want to go to Shuvlong Jharna, you have to go to Rangamati first. There are numerous Rangamati-bound bus counters at Dhaka’s Fakirapul junction and Saidabad. Besides, local and gatelock / direct buses of various modes of transport to Rangamati are available from Oxygen Junction of Chittagong city. Then reach Rangamati and go to the reserve market. From there rent a boat to Shuvlong for the whole day. If you rent it for the whole day, you can visit other places of interest besides the Shubhlong fountain. A medium size boat can be rented for 1500-2000 rupees. 10-15 people can go in one boat.





There is no good arrangement for staying and eating in Shuvlong area. So you have to go back to Rangamati day by day. If necessary, travel with light meals. If you go to Peda Ting Ting by boat, you can eat there. However, the price is a little higher!


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