Finally I Visited Chandranath hill.

Knee and waist pain has not got better yet: -D. Climbing above 1200 feet is not so easy 😀 It was a one day tour. I gave a very good tour with 6 friends. But we had something wrong. For example: –
1) I climbed the hill without having a breakfast in the morning.
2) The biggest mistake I made was not getting water. You can take dry food with a water bottle …
Due to lack of time we could not go to Guliyakhali, Banshbaria. Those of you who want to go can come with these two places.





And how was the cost ..? Our tour was a little different. So I didn’t say anything about the cost. And we left Comilla so the cost was very low …..
As the daylight increases, so does the number of tourists.
Lastly, good luck to those who want to climb 1200 feet 😀 😀


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