Floating guava market tour.

The beauty of the floating guava market at the wrong time: The best time to visit the floating guava market is July-August. However, due to the huge crowds in the last few years, we visit the guava garden ahead of time and we complete a wonderful tour.

2 nights and 1 day tour of Asia’s largest floating guava market, the traditional ‘Durgasagar Dighi’ and one of the most beautiful mosques in South Asia ‘Gutia Baitul Aman Jame Mosque’ tour details: There are three ways to visit the floating guava market at launch – 1) Dhaka -The launch of Barisal route starts from Dhaka launch terminal every night between 8: 30-9: 00 for Barisal. Calling rent: 200 rupees. Fare from Barisal Launch Terminal to Chaurasta Auto / Risk – Rs. Buses go to Swarupkathi from the crossroads. Rent – 50 rupees. If you want to get off at Banaripara bus stand – in this case the fare – 40 rupees. 2) Launch of Dhaka-Hularhat Bhandaria route starts every day at 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm. Deck fare: Tk. 200.





In this launch you can land directly at Banaripara Launch Terminal or you can land at Charchina Naughat / Swarupkathi Launch Terminal next to Banaripara Launch Terminal. Medium size) And if you go from launch to Swarupkathi launch terminal, you can hire a trawler at the same price from Swarupkathi launch terminal or from Swarupkathi launch terminal in 7-8 hours to visit different places including Atghar-Vimruli floating guava market, Nokar Hat.

Or 6 km from Swarupkathi Launch Ghat, Kuriana Bazar / Kuriana Autostand (Auto-20 Taka). From there you can rent a boat and go deep inside the floating Guava Bazaar. Rent – 300/400 Taka. Can go If you rent a trawler from Banaripara or Swarupkathi, you will have to travel there for 6 hours and get help from the locals. It is dangerous to travel by boat if you don’t know Satar. There is a bus stand next to Banaripara and Swarupkathi launch ghats. The distance from Banaripara to Swarupkathi is 9 kilometers.




From where you will get on the trawler, you will get down from the trawler again at around 1 pm and have lunch. Rest for a while and then start your journey to Durgasagar. You can get on the bus from there at the bus stand next to Banaripara and Swarupkathi launch ghat. Same bus + same route! The distance from Banaripara to Durgasagar is only 15 km. Gutia Mosque can be seen on the way to Durgasagar but we will not go down to Gutia Mosque then! Because the real beauty of Gutia Mosque is revealed after evening! So, go to Durgasagar and visit Durgasagar with entrance fee of 20 rupees. Take a walk around Durgasagar and rest. Then shortly before dusk / long before evening you will leave Durgasagar for Alifate / Auto for Gutia Mosque.




Gutia Mosque is 8 km from Durgasagar. Distance. Rent – Rs. 20 per person. After visiting Gutia Mosque till 6:30 pm … Auto is available from Barisal Launch Ghat Java in front of Gutia. The distance from Gutia Mosque to Barisal Launch Ghat is about 20 km and the fare is Tk. 45. The launch leaves from Barisal Launch Ghat for Dhaka between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm. Call fare is Tk. 200. 3) The launch leaves Dhaka for Jhalokati in the evening. The distance from Jhalokati launch ghat to Bhimruli floating guava market is 15 km, auto fare is 35 rupees per person. From Bhimruli you can go to the floating guava market by boat for 200-300 rupees. If you don’t know Satar, the risk of getting on a boat Accidents are less likely to cause major damage.

The distance from Bhimruli to Kuriana Bazar is 3 km and from Kuriana Bazar to Swarupkathi bus stand is 6 km distance. Then take Swarupkathi bus and go around according to the above rules .. !! Please do not throw any non-perishable item in the river, canal or guava orchard with any plastic, polythene, packet of chips other than a large water bottle. Do not take any such item from Dhaka. Take a water bottle and do it again. Bring along.


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