From Tiger Hill to Kanchenjunga.

Darjeeling, 3 pm, bone-chilling cold. I am sleeping in the hotel with two blankets. Suddenly Akibul’s brother’s call, brother got up and left the car to go to Tiger Hill to see Kanchenjunga. I said brother how to go in this winter, it is difficult to get out from under the blanket, I will not go. Akib Bhai said in a tone of anger, “If you don’t come to Darjeeling to see Kanchenjunga, then why did you bring us to Darjeeling?” I broke the laziness without wearing the broom and threw the blanket on my body and got ready quickly.





3.30 pm The city of Darjeeling is wet with fog in the light of the lamp post. I got in the car shivering in the winter. I fixed the car the day before. The car is speeding along the winding roads of Darjeeling, piercing the fog and darkness of the night towards Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill is about 11 km from the city of Darjeeling and about 10,000 feet above sea level.




Tiger Hill, strong winds. Some more time left for sunrise. Hundreds of tourists have flocked to Kanchenjunga to see the rising sun and the gradually becoming visible Kanchenjunga. Our car was parked at a certain point quite a few feet down from Tiger Hill. I got out of the car and walked to the top of Tiger Hill. Now just waiting for the sunrise and the visible Kanchenjunga.

The sun is slowly rising in the eastern sky with a red glow and Kanchenjunga is visible in the west. In the bitter cold and winter, with such an amazing scene, everyone’s joy and the clicking sound of the camera shutter grows. Everyone is busy to frame the sunrise and Kanchenjunga. I also went to Didhar later to see which sunrise or Kanchenjunga. I am standing on the top of a hill in the middle of two horrible beauties on both sides. If you close the eyelid, many things will become false. I have read many descriptions of Kanchenjunga in the story novel but today I realized that the pen of the author is not enough to describe its form. It is a matter of luck for tourists to see the sunrise and Kanchenjunga here. Because nature is mostly occupied by clouds or fog. As such, we are lucky because we got the Kanchenjunga philosophy on our first visit.

Avoid throwing indigestible polythene in the mountains and doing work that harms the environment.


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