Gaher Ali’s Tal Empire.

If this path did not end, how would you say? If you go here, you will sing this song without knowing it. Rows and rows of palm trees can be seen just across the two-lane road of about 1 km. It will feel as if you have moved to one of the palm-tree kingdoms. And the ruler of this kingdom is Gaher Ali. This nobleman planted about 12,000 palm trees in the Naogaon district. He was a beggar by profession. It was not possible for him to buy high priced saplings. So he used to go to people’s houses and beg for palm kernels. And then he used to sow that seed on both sides of the road. In recognition of this work, he received the Environment Medal in 2010.




If you are a lover of bicycle, motorbike, or car then you should not miss the opportunity to travel on this road once with your vehicle. Tell me how many days you will live in life. So you can go to this beautiful place to share happy memories and experiences with your loved ones or friends. You can add this place to your bucket list. There is only a 1-minute video connection. You may be able to guess the beauty of this place.



I would like to thank my friend Rubel Haque and younger brother Sohag for their cooperation in making videos and pictures.
How to get there: Get on the Naogaon-bound bus from Dhaka. Get on the Mandagami-bound bus from Naogaon and get off at Manda. From there take the Niamatpur Upazila bus again. After that Ghugudanga village by auto from there.


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