Gajukh with blue eyes and Kajal eyes.

The three of us started the trek from Gangotri on the way to Gomukh. I was moving forward to see the green hills all around, the white mountains in the distance, the Pramatta Ganga sitting on the side. When I came to a place, for the first time I found a dream suspension bridge that wanted to merge with the current of the Ganges, so it connected two mountains from the top of the waterfall with a very large waterfall. Quite risky, a little shaky wooden bridge over the other side of the blue eye caught the eye!





Ah, what mountains, what snow, what Ganges water and what blue sky? Everything that in an instant his magic look, shy smile and glass bangle-like voice agreed to the rate! Oops, what was the need to read someone’s eyes? What was needed was such a smile exchange and what was needed was to say hi in a voice like a silk bangle! In the introductory episode, when I found out that he came from Argentina, one of my favorite countries, then the love seemed to increase even more!

A huge Argentine team, a group of 30 people, probably going to Gomukh to meditate on yoga! Imagine being able to travel thousands of miles on such an impassable trek just to do yoga. I was thinking, watching them and walking. Going a little further, I dropped the bag on a rock almost hanging from the hill and sat down to rest. I sit and watch them walk on the hill. And many of them are staring at me in amazement at this hanging rock.






One of these pairs of eyes seemed to be looking at me a little too much, with some surprise! Again, there was a suspicion that the mind may be wrong. So as I sat, I felt a happy movement in the door of my mind, so I silently looked at the surprised pair of eyes that were looking at him or her. Even if I am not a writer, since I love writing a little bit, how can I get so much news to these eyes, minds and emotions! That’s exactly what I suspected.

Going forward a little, the pair of eyes looked back at me again, it seemed as if he saw a magical smile, which is exactly what my father is looking at! Or an illusion? Nah get up and fall from the hanging rocks of the mountain, I have to break the illusion. Am I really wrong? I went to the trail to ask myself and find the solution and started walking with the bag on my back. This time I walked a little faster. I caught the Argentina team in 15 minutes. And the girl with the enchanted eyes that I thought was walking very slowly at the very end.

I went along with him and said alas. Alas, my shame turned purple! The curved look of shy eyes did not escape my eyes even from inside the thick framed spectacles. She also told me alas in a very shy silken bangle. Wow, I see the long, difficult path and the difficulty of Raylona! Mountains all around, Pramatta Padma below, white mountain peaks in the distance and someone with a magical, shy, glass bangle-like voice if there is one next to it. What else does it take?






I got to know each other with my broken English and even worse English. The name is his arena. The beginning is with the arena, around, near-far, front and back. Sometimes a word of two is very simple in English. With as much as possible. In this way I reached Bhujbasa from Chirabasa and Chirabasa with various stories in the last afternoon. Despite the bitter cold, I went out to enjoy the last twilight of the last afternoon.

And then what I saw is still unbelievable to me. No, I’m not talking about the shape of the mountain, the color of the snow, the merriment of the river. I’m talking about Arena, I was looking at Arena in amazement, aha. That was the first time I looked at him with good eyes. Because before that, every time I went to keep an eye on the whole trek all day, where and in what shame did he look down again and again. Very shy. I didn’t go looking for the meaning of that shy look as I was writing.

However, after freshening up, I saw Arena standing in front of the resort. Rare blue eyes were seen from the thick frame of Kajal drawn very narrowly. Impossible and rare thing at least to me. Kajal’s coating on her blue eyes is nothing short of amazing. As evening approached, one by one the others went into the room, but Arena and the two of them remained.

I was doing all kinds of stories with them in broken English. This means that I was surprised to see that Arena wanted to take a selfie with me in the middle of the light. Taking two or three selfies, a romantic song was played in my mind to reduce the embarrassment again! I thought a little guy. But I decided not to check a little more. If the result of the test is my choice, I will sing that song! So at the end of that day’s story, I went to bed at dinner with a shy smile on my face from time to time and waited for the next morning.

At the beginning of the trek the next morning, I intentionally walked a little farther to the front, keeping a little distance from the arena. Let’s see if he’s looking? Hmmm, let’s just say I’ve seen better. That means, no stay. No more looking. A little later came a great opportunity to understand him. Error or what I think is a little true? Let’s see.

From the steep hill in front, you have to go down to the bridge hanging over the river and again you have to climb up the broken hill

The last risk path. Their guide left earlier and pulled everyone on the team one by one. After a few people got up, the arena went upstairs with the weight in someone else’s hand. Now let’s see if he holds my hand when I go there?

Quickly I went to the bend of that risky hill, to the rock. As soon as he left, he extended his gentle hand with a great sweet smile! I also gently put my hand on hers and went upstairs, she kept her eyes on the blue-eyed Kajal and gave me a soft thank you.

One by one …
Mehi Thamcha Gaya
You … hand me,
Haat jo de gaya …

I always keep in mind that I don’t pollute the environment.


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