HAVE A TOUR from Chandpur, the city of Hilsa

Hilsa is in full swing now. Suddenly it occurred to me to go to Chandpur. So, after convincing my friend, I planned for Saturday night and left on Sunday morning. Turning around all day and returning home in the evening, all in all, it was a wonderful journey.

We went from Feni to Feni-Comilla-Chandpur route. It is better not to go to Chandpur by road. However, we got off the bus and took the auto to the big station first. After spending some time in the fish market, I went for a walk in the estuary. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place and come back to the yard.



At noon, the two of us ate at a hotel next to the store in Petpur. Hilsa fried, mustard hilsa, eggs, mash, pulses, mineral water, 2 people have received a bill of 430tk.



After eating, I went to the estuary again. From there I rented a boat for 50 tk per person (round trip). After spending half an hour in the char, I back again. When I came back, I went to the launch dock and wandered around for a while and came back.



Now it’s time to buy fish The two of them did not pack 20-25 kg of fish in a hurry. Finally back home.

1. There is no shortage of brokers in the fish market. So be careful, otherwise, there is cheating.
2. It is wise to negotiate before spending anything.
3. The boat is safe, but if you don’t know how to swim, keep a life jacket with you.



Chandpur is a very beautiful and clean place. We must be aware of cleanliness when we travel. Let no filth be created by me.


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