Hazarikhil Game Life Century.

If traveling was free, you’d never see me again
I didn’t say, says one of my older brothers Mizan Rana. 😜
I can’t really imagine that Allah has made such a beautiful place.
A strange Hazarikhil 7 in the mixture of Bandarban, Sundarbans, Sylhet
If traveling was free, I would come here every day.
Let’s get to the real thing.
I have been planning for a long time with my elder brother and friends of the area to give a 1 day tour.
I planned, but I couldn’t fix the place.
At that time I got Mamun Bhai’s post.
The picture he gave, as soon as he saw the picture, everyone stood on one foot, everyone agreed.
I will go here. Anyway, I will go here.
So we all decided to go on the 17th.
At first the number of members of our tour was about 21.
It was at least 15 people.
Every tour is like this, there are many people at first. But some people can’t go at the time of departure.
In fact, Allah did not accept them for this tour
So 15 of us left for Hazarikhil around 8 in the morning.
First I went to Oxygen, from there I got off at Bibirhat, Fatikchhari for 40 rupees per person. In fact, we went to the roof of the bus for 25 rupees.
I had breakfast there in the morning. Then I reached Hazarikhil Forest Office by using local CNG for 30 rupees per person.
Now the real game has started. I talked to the guide Mannan Bhai (01815382431). The bargain did not match with him. So I said goodbye to him. You can take it if you want.
I talked to Shahadat Bhai of Forest Office. He showed us the way.
First I set off for the pass.
Bapare, who knew that the forest would be so terrible? – I went after a strange situation.
Some people want to give back. After walking for some distance, I found guide Shashi Kumar Bhai (01882820226). Then I saw the giripath, the shower, the 90 degree steep hill everything. I trekked for about 6 hours. Everyone screamed after seeing the snake inside the leaf towards the shower, the feel of the scream was different.
What can I say about the giripath, I have never seen such a beautiful giripath in my life. I said I have never talked about the 90 degree steep hill. The tea garden was also worth seeing.
And for those who want to go, I say, don’t go trekking empty handed. Take light thin food. If you want to have lunch, go to Hazarikhil market before ordering. Because there is not always food there.
How to get there – Dhaka-Fatikchhari Bibirhat-Hazarikhil Forest.
How to get there from Chittagong – Oxygen – Fatikchhari Bibirhat. 40 on the bus seat, 25 on the roof. Bibirhat-Hazarikhil 35 rupees.
Cost – 300 rupees per person from Chittagong.
One more thing, don’t give more than 400 rupees to the guide. I gave 300 rupees for lunch with us. I gave this first review, sorry if I made a mistake, if not.
If you want to see so many places at once, then go to Hazarikhil now. 😃
Happy Traveling 6


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