Herschel in the Apple Forest

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Right in the middle of a hill. After climbing up the soft grass of the green hills, you will reach the rocky hills and then the rows of mountain tops covered with snow. Or go down or look down and see the hilly red-green forest descending on thousands of rocks above the innumerable streams. As soon as you can cross the fast flowing river, you will be able to climb the stairs of the green mountain again and climb up from the top of the ice with the clouds, you will be able to float in the bright blue sky.






Then he looked at her slowly. Surprised, he saw where he was sitting, as far as the eye could see from left to right and left, only colorful apples were scattered. Countless swarms of apples, red, brown, pink, and green apples hanging from the trees. As if you are sitting in an apple forest. Surrounded by foggy mountains, snow-capped mountain peaks, and an ever-flowing stream. The Ganges is flowing wildly. Again somewhere this same Ganges flows in a completely different form.

The river has descended from the hills to the plains. It has merged with the path somewhere. The river is so flat and so smooth that in many places the wide sand like char is visible till dawn. The pebbles, rocks and shells that can be taken away in the middle of the chest of the river in an instant. Somewhere you can even cross the river to the mountain springs.






The river that has just run a meandering spiral path, crossing mountains from mountain to mountain, running endlessly in the foothills of the mountains, madness, eternal youth, a gurgling river flowing by its ever-flowing gulp, hundreds of hills turning and crossing obstacles, Villages, cities become country to country.

Pramatta touches the melody of the hilly river and the palms of the hills touch again. Rows of hills covered with dense forest. The level has risen to the top. So high that the sky wants to touch, the top of some mountains! Surrounded by forests, the mountains are sometimes covered with light clouds. At the end of the mountain steps surrounded by green forests, there are different attractions of rough, tree or grassless rocky hills. And you can reach the top of that rocky mountain by crossing the steps of a white mountain covered with snow. It’s as if the white snow-capped mountain peaks have merged with the sky!






I was so obsessed, I don’t know exactly how long. Suddenly I came to the bend of a hill and braked quite hard and regained consciousness. But yes, I look at the mountain through the glass window and see that yes, I am really, really in the apple forest! Our car is running through the middle of the forest of colorful apples hanging from the brown trees covered in the mountains.

There are apple orchards all around the hill and the whole hill is covered with apple orchards. Hundreds of red, green, pink and brown apples. And under the trees, there are countless apples scattered on the green grass. All in all, all the happiness of a wonderful heavenly morning of an unearthly morning seemed to surround us, our way, our bus and its surroundings.

What was not there? Mountains, various colors, forms and types of mountains. Clouds in the mountains, clouds in the clouds, hundreds of colors arranged, mountain rivers, fog, morning streams of smoky water, winding spiral paths, thousands of mountain palms, the heavenly bliss of apples, the wonder of hundreds of red pink apples rolling green on the hills.

I wanted to get off the bus there. I sit on that mountain for a whole day, rolling in the green, floating in the clouds, wrapped in the fog, picking apples as I wish, eating something, playing with something, not meeting the current of the river at the bottom of the mountain or enjoying heavenly bliss. I do. But I didn’t go down because I wanted to see some of the places I had already planned and the city of Dehradun. I was forced to come back with some regrets, some pain and a little upset.

As I was taking that regret on the bus, I heard that Hershil is called Kashmir of Uttarakhand. There is a lot of snow in winter, rivers, hills, forests, everything is just surrounded by whiteness. There was a different kind of Herschel covered only in snow. That is why Harshil is called Kashmir of Uttarakhand.

And so I kept it right in my mind. Once, on a trip or so, if I go there one day, I will just stay in Herschel for a whole day, rolling in the mountains, drowning in the river, picking apples, wrapping in fog, wherever I want and whatever I like. This apple forest is Herschel. Either at the time of an apple or at some point in the freezing cold. Herschel likes it so much and so much.

The way to get to this Apple Forest Herschel: From Dhaka to Kolkata by bus or train. Dehradun by plane or train from Kolkata. Hershil from Dehradun to Mushuri and Uttarkashi. Hershil can be visited at a very low cost.
However, to get such an apple forest you have to go in August or September.

Please take care not to cause any damage to the environment.

The pictures were collected, it was not possible to take pictures from the moving bus, I just watched with two eyes and enjoyed with all my heart. I have stored the picture in the pocket of happiness.


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