Hill District Council Horticulture Park, Khagrachhari.

Khagrachhari is better known among the 3 hill districts of Bangladesh. In addition to the historic Alutila Caves, Risang Fountain and Mong Palace, the recently established Horticulture Park has become one of the most popular tourist destinations.
As it is only 4 km away from Alutila Cave, you will get the opportunity to visit two places in one package.

At the same time in a park there are hanging bridges, kids zone, green bestni, artificial heart, picnic spot, opportunity to perform in open space.

Only 20 rupees entry fee can be entered.
All kinds of food are available in front of the park.

How to get there:
There is a Shanti bus from Oxygen Junction in Chittagong or a local bus from Khagrachhari, from where you can get off right in front of the Horticulture Park.
The rent will be 150 to 180 TK per head.
You have to take 2 minutes from the highway to the park.

The interior of the park is very clean and pleasant.
You also have to do something to protect the beauty of the park. You too can contribute to making the interior of the park more beautiful by performing the tasks.



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