Historic Curzon Hall.

If we do a little research on the history of Bangladesh, it is easy to know that Dhaka University is not just an educational institution, but it is a whole history. The story of its history is intertwined somewhere with every history of this country. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Dhaka University is the Curzon Hall. Like this university, this building also witnesses a lot of our history.

Curzon Hall is a historic building located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Which has long been recognized as an antiquity. Although it is currently being used as some classrooms and examination halls of the Faculty of Science and Biology, University of Dhaka. It is known from its history that the foundation stone of this building was laid on 14 February 1904 by the then Viceroy and Governor General of India George Curzon. Curzon Hall is one of the buildings in the Ramna area that grew in importance after the partition of Bengal to make Dhaka the provincial capital.





Curzon paid for the construction of the hall

Prince of Bhawal.

Curzon Hall, however, was first built as a town hall. However, many say that it was first built as a library of Dhaka College. The prince of Bhawal paid for the construction of this building. When the Partition of Bengal was postponed in 1911, classes at Dhaka College had to be taken at Curzon Hall. Later, when Dhaka University was established in 1921, Curzon Hall was included for the science department of Dhaka University. Which is still used today.





In 1904, Lord George Nathaniel Curzon, Viceroy of India, laid the foundation stone of Curzon Hall, after which the building is named Curzon Hall. The building incorporates a striking combination of European and Mughal architectural styles, partly following Muslim architecture. Dark red bricks have been used on the outside of the building. Its arches and domes are a combination of modern architecture and extraordinary Mughal structures. As a historical installation, it will be appreciated forever.

Historic Curzon Hall

How to get there:

If you live in another district, you have to come to Dhaka first. Then come to the High Court area, Shahbag area or Old Dhaka area by your own transport or any local transport from any part of Dhaka, anyone will show you if you talk about Curzon Hall of Dhaka University. This amazing architecture will surely fascinate you.


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