History of Art Architecture Myth Khajuraho Temple.

Khajuraho is actually a small village in Madhya Pradesh, India. But not only for the village but also for the erotic statues in the temple known as Khajuraho. The statues are more than 1000 years old. World Heritage is also one of the seven wonders of India.



According to Hindu mythology, there was a beautiful Brahmin girl named Hetambi in Varanasi. She became a widow at an early age. Once, on a moonlit night in the summer, while he was bathing in the lake, Chandradev was fascinated to see him bathing and wished him well. Chandra came to earth in human form and Hetambi and Chandradev met. Hetambi became pregnant as a result of physical intercourse and became worried after realizing her mistake. Chandradev then prophesied that the child in Hetambi’s womb would be a man of great power and the first king of Khajuraho.



Hetambi left Varanasi and went far away to Khejurban to give birth to a child. After the birth of the child, Hetambi named him Chandravarman. Like his father, he became brave and strong. On Chandra’s orders, Chandravarman built a temple in the area and carved an ‘erotic’ idol in the temple. It is heard that Khajuraho was formed as a symbol of love and work of Hetambi and Chandradev. So just pictures of sex and cum across the temple. Chandra’s prophecy was that this temple would actually free Hetambi from his sins.


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