Horinmara / Choto Komoldoho Trail Tour

The Harinmara waterfall is the first waterfall in the Miraswarai Sitakunda Range as a waterfall near the house.
I have heard the locals call it Harinmara Kund or Kund Jharna, along with Hatubhanga and Sarpaprapat.

Local hunters used to come here to hunt deer, in the morning, and in the evening deer would come for water and become easy prey.



There was a lot of deer, cows (wild cows) and pigs in this hill. I have run rabbits many times since I was a child. There were not as many dense settlements as there are now, the hills were surrounded by wildlife. Due to the small population, the aggression in the mountains has not started yet. The number of people cutting wood was negligible, agriculture was the only occupation of the rural people. Even in 1996-1999, I was afraid to leave the house at night at the call of foxes.



Now the situation is different, settlements have sprung up along the hills, housing for the homeless has sprung up from different places. Long before this, all the deer hunting in the hills was overdue to the aggression of the locals. An artificial lake has been created by blocking the flow of water from the springs. The lake provides irrigation water to the farmers in the dry season under the Bauyachhara project, but for the tourists, the blue water in the middle of the green is called Nilambri Lake.



There are three fountains left in the midst of so much artificiality. Before, no one knew them except the local woodpeckers.


Go down to the small Kamaldah Bazaar on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway and show me the name of the Harinmara spring (or the Bauyachhara project/rubber dam). There are two signboards on the side of the highway with the direction of the fountain.


It takes about an hour to walk from the main road to reach the fountain. You can also take CNG from the market to the trail.

Caution: There are leeches in the mountains, when it rains, the path becomes slippery.

The trail is still clean as there is less tourist Anagona, don’t leave your mark on the trail, don’t disturb the environment. Maintain decency with the locals, get the maximum amount of help.


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