How to go to heaven paradise Shuvlong.

Although Shuvlong is 1 hour away from Rangamati town, most people are not very familiar with the place.
Most of the tourists visit the spots near the town of Rangamati such as: Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge etc., which deprives them of these scenic views.
Again, many people go at the wrong time (eg: in the rainy season) because they do not get the real blue color of the water.





Since Rangamati does not have direct bus service with all districts, the method of travel from Chittagong is mentioned here.
Chittagong bus service is available from any district of the country. First you will come to Chittagong by bus. You can also take intercity trains from Dhaka, Mymensingh, Sylhet, Chandpur to Chittagong. The way you come to Chittagong, take a local bus or CNG and go directly to Oxygen (it will take about 20 minutes). From here the Rangamati bus leaves.





Rangamati buses will always be available in the morning, noon and night.
Select a hill bus from Chittagong to Rangamati and you can go there quickly. You will also get other buses but they are local.
Rangamati is about 2 hours drive from Chittagong. On the way, if you want to see the hilly, Akambaka road, you should leave for a while.

Arriving at Rangamati, he took the hotel of his choice.
Here you will find all the quality hotels from low to high.
Whenever you reach Rangamati in the afternoon or afternoon, why not go around that day and spend the whole day the next day for Shuvlong because if you want to see the beauty of Shuvlong properly, you have to spend a whole day.
Read out the next morning wherever you are in town.
If you want water + light breakfast, you can take it with you, it will work when you climb the mountain.
At 8:30, 8:30, 9 in the morning from the reserve market ghat of the city, Langdu, Kattli, Maini, except for the launch of any one of the launches will get off, almost all the launches will stop and get off there.

And almost all launches have rooftop climbing. You must travel to the rooftop to enjoy the real fun.
There is no hassle of buying tickets in advance. There is a ticketing system inside.
From 15/20 minutes after the launch, the steep hills will slowly come closer and the sunlight on the blue water will create a dazzling sight. Occasionally a swarm of pankauri can be seen rising from the water. Besides, you will see the fishing scene of fishermen in dinghy boats.






After another 20/25 minutes, when the more steep black rocky hills come out, it will feel like you are really walking through the middle of the steep hills of Vietnam.
After about 1 hour, when the launch stops at Shuvlong Ghat, you will go down. There is Shuvlong Bazaar next door, there are enough food hotels. From light snacks to lunch, if you wish, you can pack here, the cost will not be too much.

Have a light breakfast and start climbing the main attraction Shubhlong hill. At first you have some stairs but later you have to climb the ground without stairs so you can go after travel shoes or sneakers to get a good grip.
The higher you go, the wider the view of the distant hills, Shuvlong Bazaar, Kaptai Lake.
You will reach the top in 40-45 minutes.
The actual view you will get from here.
The distant hills, the meandering lake through the hills, the movement of launches through the lake, the occasional rush of water by speedboards, the view of Shuvlong Bazaar from the top will make you think that it is really a place outside the country.

There are police camps and seating areas on the top of the hill. If you want, you can sit here for an hour and enjoy the copy with all your heart.

Now it’s time to return. Return launches are usually available after 2 p.m. The launches leaving from Langadu, Maini, Kattli reach Shuvlong Ghat after 2 pm and get on any one of them. You will reach Rangamati in an hour after observing the view as before.

★ Railway Station / Kadamtali Bus Stand to Oxygen – Local Bus – 10 / – per person.
And CNG reserve – 80-100 / -.
Oxygen to Rangamati – 120 / – per person (hill)
Rangamati to Shuvlong (Launch) – 40 / – per person.

Take adequate precautions when climbing mountains. Don’t rush because now the dry season there is a possibility of slipping feet in small loose rocks and dust.
And don’t spoil the lake environment by throwing bottles/paper in the lake water.


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