How to go to Jaipur and expenses.

If you want to visit Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, you have to take at least 03 days. You can come to Jaipur directly from Kolkata by plane or train.

# Stay: There are some issues regarding the stay of foreigners in Jaipur. So it is better to go with booking from In my opinion, it is best to stay in the vicinity of Sindhi Camp. I recommend #hotel_arco_place because it is located next to the main bus terminal in Jaipur. 3 star quality hotel. Free buffet breakfast every day with double bed Rs. Dinner buffet for only 200 rupees.




#Ghoraghuri: There are many places to visit in Jaipur. I am giving the plan of 03 days in phases below. Anyone can change and refine if they want.

#Day_017 If you live near Sindhi camp, take an auto to #albert_hall. Weekly closed Tuesdays. The rent will be 50 rupees. Take a tour of Albert Hall and drive again #Hawa_Mahal, rent 60-70 rupees. Tickets here will cost 50 rupees. Then take the auto again to #city_palais. Rent 50 rupees. Tickets here will cost Rs 200 per person. Turn around and turn to the opposite side of the road. Tickets are Rs. Then he took the auto again and went to Jalmahal. Occasionally have lunch at your convenience. You can take an AC taxi if you want, in which case you have to pay at least 1200 rupees.








#Day_027 The government bus terminal will show you anyone in the Sindhi camp or at the hotel, a 2 minute walk. From there go to #Ajmir_Sharif, 134 km away for 145 rupees. After visiting the Dargah, go by auto with #Ana_Sagar. Turn around and come back to the bus terminal. Again the rent is 134 rupees. It will take 5 hours to come and go. Come in the evening #bapu_bazar. Which is a lot like New Market in Kolkata. You can do a lot of cheap shopping.

#Day_038 Today you rent a CNG for the whole day that will take you around #Nahargarh_Fort, #Joygarh_Fort, #Amber_Fort and drop you off at Sindhi Camp again. The rent will be 600-700 rupees.

Eating: It is better to eat less fish meat in Jaipur. Vegetable dishes are much cheaper. It will be 80-100 rupees.


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