How to go to Kalyanpur, Pabna and cost.

Kalyanpur is a char village in Pabna district that was awakened 50 years ago. In any village you will find a taste of eastern Bangladesh. People’s way of life is everything.

First to go to this village from Uttara in Dhaka at 8 am I go to Nabinagar at a fare of 25 rupees per person. From Nabinagar bus stand I go to Arichaghat for 50 rupees per person. It will take 1.5 to 2 hours. Remember to reach Arichaghat by 12 o’clock. Because a boat left the ghat for Kalyanpur at 12 o’clock. The journey from Arichaghat to Kalyanpur river will take 2 hours. You have to count 50 rupees per person. We reached Kalyanpur around 2.30 pm. Singing all together and watching the scene in the middle of the river, I did not notice when I reached.





The first thing you will notice when you get off at Kalyanpur is the horse carriage. There are only horse-drawn carriages and boats to go to this char. As soon as he landed on the char, he met Saiful Bhai who was talking from Dhaka. The brother took us to his house. I went to the market to eat the food prepared by him. As soon as we enter the market, people surround us. Because no tourist has come to this char before. The head of the village also talks to us and entertains us. After visiting our light village we went to the market. Because there is no rice food hotel in Char.





Saiful Bhai’s insistence that the market will be cooked at his house. One group left the market to cook and another group set up camp and pitched a tent. After all, in the last afternoon, after bathing in the river, everyone went to the camp side and the rest went to cook. At about 9 o’clock at night everyone went to eat. We sit in the yard in the light of the torch and eat dinner. Because the village has not yet been touched by electricity. The feeling was awesome. Then the night chat song started.

The villagers entertained us very well. After a while someone was coming and going to see. Also every house in the village was open for us for fear of storms coming. I can tell you that fishing in the river in the neon light at night will make your mind work. It is about 2.30 am when I go to bed. The next morning I woke up in the cold. I could feel the cold from 3 o’clock. As soon as I came out of the tent in the morning, I saw that it was full of fog all around. This scene in April will surprise anyone. After a short walk to the camp side, everything is not arranged. Because the boat from Kalyanpur to Arichaghat leaves at 9.30 am. We also say goodbye to the char money. The rest of the feeling is not understood.






Our Dhaka-to-Dhaka cost per capita was 744.

Uttara – Nabinagar – 25 + 25 = 50
Nabinagar- Arichaghat- 50 + 50 = 100
Arichaghat – Kalyanpur – 50 + 50 = 100
The cost of food is up to you.

* There is no electricity in the char so you must take the power bank and lights.
* Talk to the head of the char.
* Pitch the tent at a safe distance from the river.
* Don’t make too much noise.
* Unfamiliar char so if you can persuade the char kaoke to stay with.
* Take the help of Char’s people for toilets. I have already said that everyone’s toilet is raw.

* This char is very beautiful and clean. Don’t throw dirt anywhere. We didn’t leave a polythene. I brought everything.


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