How to go to ‘Kanchenjunga’ costs and information.

White Kanchenjunga, once caught in the eye, it is impossible to turn the eyes. So whenever Kanchenjunga floats in the heart of my heart, the mind is filled with peace. Kanchenjunga is not only considered the second highest mountain in the Himalayas, but also “The Mighty Queen Of Ghorkhaland.” So this time the trip is centered around Kanchenjunga. A group of two of us, me and childhood friend Muhammad Al Imran Toney. Imran is a born traveler, very proficient in Hindi and has worked as a Tourist Guide since he was in university. So, relying on God, we both left on December 16, 2016. The Route Plan was centered around Kanchenjunga: Darjeeling-Tinchule-Lava-Rishop. Before leaving, however, watching the Weather Forecast, I was sure that the sky in Darjeeling would be clear on December 19.









The Darshan-Gede border is a 1 hour drive from our house. So, our Route Plan to go to Darjeeling was Darshan-Gede-Krishnanagar-Siliguri-Darjeeling. We did not give any money to anyone at the border of Bangladesh. However, I paid 50 rupees per person in Gede. After that, after solving the problem of Immigration and Customs, we went to Haskhali by train from Gede. The rent is 10 rupees per person. I got on the bus to Krishnanagar after walking for five minutes from Hanskhali station. An hour’s drive by Krishnanagar bus. The rent is 18 rupees per person. Buses from Krishnanagar to Siliguri usually leave in the evening. But the “Night Queen” bus service is great. We took Sleeper. Rent of Rs. 400 per person. If you don’t fall in the Jam at Farakka on the way, you will reach Siliguri very early in the morning. You will get the jeep of Darjeeling from where the bus will get off. The rent is 150 rupees per person. Several very enthusiastic people in Siliguri wanted to book our hotel. But we wanted to reach Darjeeling and fix the hotel. So, I thanked them and sat in the shared jeep. It took about 180 minutes to reach Darjeeling. Arriving in Darjeeling, I went straight to the Jame Mosque. The purpose was to stay next to the “Islamia Food Hotel”. I found “Hotel Mount Pleasant.” Two things are important in a hotel in Darjeeling. Firstly: round-the-clock hot water system, secondly: room heater. We didn’t get the second one, of course. “Hotel Mount Pleasant” is not a very gorgeous hotel but a great hotel for 600 rupees per night. I liked their sincerity the best. Our Local Tourist Guide fixed it from the hotel. 600 per person. The tour plan was to come in front of the hotel at 4 pm. Then I will return to the hotel after seeing Tiger Hill-Sleep Monastery-Batasia Loop. Then breakfast at Rock Garden. Come back and have lunch at Japanese Temple – Tenzing Rock – Garden. Our luck was great. So on the way to Darjeeling I got a visit to Kanchenjunga. And the next day is great! When I looked down from Tiger Hill, it looked like a sea of ​​clouds below. And the sun rose from within him. And Kanchenjunga was slowly illuminated with a reddish hue, captivating everyone present with its reddish hue. Everyone present applauded and said “Welcome.” Then from Kanchenjunga to Batasia Loop to Sleep Monastery. After seeing Kanchenjunga from the Batasia Loop, it seemed that “life is meaningful.” Then out of the Batasia Loop to the hotel. On the way, of course, I ate Vegetable Momo twice. The first time the sleep came out of the monastery; The second time Batasia came out of the loop. Then I went back to the hotel and rested for a while and went to the Rock Garden. But the Rock Garden disappointed me terribly. I went to Darjeeling for the first time in 2012. There is a big difference between then and now. The Rock Garden is no longer as beautiful as it used to be. I came back to the room. After lunch I rested and waited for the car. But there is no other tourist except the two of us. So the program canceled. Since we saw all the spots, we ended our trip to Darjeeling by hotel and shopping. The next day at 8 am I checked out and went to the Darjeeling Motor Stand. The purpose is to catch the Tinchul bus at 9 am.













Tinchule is a hill station located in Takda, Karsiang. There is a direct bus from Darjeeling Motor Stand. However, we got in the car at 9 in the morning. It goes as far as Takda. The rent is 55 rupees per person. It takes about 60 minutes to reach Takda along a winding road. Both sides of the road are more beautiful than the pictures. The rows of dense pine forests are remarkable. I hired a small taxi from Takda again. About 4 km way. Rent 150 rupees. Arriving at Tinchule, I first found Gurung Hotel. But the rent is 2000 rupees per night. 2000 rupees is a little more for us. Then Gurung’s manager E told us about Abiraj Homestay. A little further on we got up to Abiraj Homestay in Tinchule. The rent of Abiraj Homestay is Rs. 1000 per night. Undoubtedly awesome at Abiraj Homestay. Firstly, their sincerity, secondly, the extraordinary view from the room, thirdly, the constant hot water supply and finally, a wonderful, neat room. However, the cost of food here is 600 rupees per person (three meals with snacks and bed tea). Three hairs are enough scatter so it is normal to read more than the cost of food. But the quality of the food and the item is undoubtedly admirable. Although Tinchule is a hilly village, if you want to spend a solitary time in close proximity to nature, it will fascinate you. If the sky is clear in Tinchule, you will get 180 degree view of Kanchenjunga. And if you want to hire a taxi for the whole day, you can visit several more spots including Orange Lemon Garden, Teesta River. Taxi fare will be charged

About 2200 rupees. What I like most about Tinchule is that each house has a flower garden and the people are very friendly. And within walking distance, the Kanchenjunga View Point will forever shine in my memory. From Tinchule we start our journey for the purpose of Lavar. We hire a taxi in the evening so that we don’t have to worry about taxis in the morning. Rent 300 rupees. We get a jeep from Kalimpong for 100 rupees per person right from where we are dropped off on the hillside.

Arriving in Kalimpong we caught the Lover jeep. The rent is 100 rupees per person. However, the road from Kalimpong to Lavar is quite bad. It takes more than an hour to reach the lava. There are many Bengali hotels here. We stayed at a Bengali hotel called “Hotel Rais” for 900 rupees. This was the place to eat. Vegetables and rice cost 60 rupees, and eggs cost an extra 20 rupees. In the afternoon in Lava we spend time in the monastery and the forest. The next morning we went to Rishop. Taxi fare is 900 rupees. The purpose was to see the reflection of sunlight in Kanchenjunga (although I saw it on Tiger Hill). Several peaks can be seen from here. Rishop did not fill his mind at the end. I realized the decision was wrong. It was better to go to “Rachela Peak”. Basically there is not much difference between lava and rhesus. But if you like trekking in the jungle, you will enjoy lava-rishop trekking. I decided to go back to the hotel from Rishop to see another spot. 10 kilometers away was “Changi Falls.” Check out was at 11 o’clock. So I took about 30 minutes to talk at the hotel. I immediately rented a jeep. Lava-Changi Falls rent Rs. It took about 45 minutes to arrive. Then I went down 1 km to see the amazing beauty “Changi Falls.” With the advent of winter, when nature has reached old age, “Changi Falls” is still like eternal youth! Changi Falls impressed me the most because Kanchenjunga is on the other side of it! Awesome! On the way to Changi Falls, you will get an amazing view of Kanchenjunga at least three times. Then it was his turn to return after spending some time. When we reached the hotel and were busy packing our bags in the room, our hotel manager stood in the street looking for an empty jeep in Siliguri for us. Before we got down he found a private one waiting for us under the hotel. Rent: Lava-Siliguri only 600 rupees (300 rupees per person)!


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