How to go to Nikli Haor, Kishoreganj

I went from Mymensingh.
From Mymensingh to Kishoreganj Gaital bus stand, bus fare 80 / -120 / – in special cases.

Battala, from the bus stand
By rickshaw/auto, fare 20 / –

A little further from Battala, you can see the Watch Tower, the historic Pagla Mosque, Gurudayal College. We did not stand. I went to Rajbari to see. Gangatia Manabbabu’s zamindar’s house.
Go by rickshaw/auto, 300 / –
However, this zamindar can skip the house if he wants. I didn’t like it. Again it felt like a waste of time. It would have been nice to go around the city at this time.

The city of Kishoreganj is very beautiful. Tidy city, the roads are so good, so good, like to be fascinated. Maybe by saying VIP area.

Anyway, you can go straight to Ekrampur by rickshaw again from the zamindar’s house. Ekrampur Historic Sholakia Eidgah Maidan.
30 / – to 50 / -.





From here you can go to CNG stand for 20 / -. Leather port from there. I took a boat/trawler from the leather port for 80 / – to 100 / – TK.
Let’s go to Balikhola. Here you will find the Balikhola Highway, which runs through the middle of the Haor.




From Balikhola I go to Busakanda in another trawler for 60 / – TK, from Busakanda to Marichkhali. Get off at Marichkhali and go to Marichkhali market by rickshaw at 20 / -. From there by CNG to Nikli Upazila Parishad. Rent TK. 200 / -.
The embankment will take you from there.
Go to the very end.

The two of us had to go and compromise a bit. For example, they did not rent a separate trawler. I got on a passenger trawler. They go from village to village, from market to market, we go to see them. But I personally like it. There was an opportunity to see life on the banks of the river. Before I used to listen to stories as a child, there used to be a boat at home. They always used to come and go by boat. I saw it with my own eyes.
It felt good the whole time.





I went around the trawler in a trawler all day and did not get into the water. I have seen it with my own eyes.
I want to get down there next time, and also visit the President’s house.



For those like me who don’t have a traveling companion, somehow one or two people manage to get out, this is for them.
Even if it is not so broken if it is grouped.
In that case, Nikli can go straight to Kishoreganj city with CNG. (We’re coming back this way.) It’s easy, it’s time. Again, if there are many people, he took a trawler. He could turn around as he wished.
What else is this! ☺

But when we go around thinking about ourselves and the beautiful world, we should not throw dirt everywhere. Especially plastic and bottles. When I go to see Beauty, I don’t want to ruin Beauty.
Everyone cares a little about this.

Have a nice trip.


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