How to go to Sikkim and information.

I can’t write very well but I’m trying to write something. For now, I am writing about permission and later I will write about travel stories.





1. Sikkim Permission Instructions.
2. How to get the permissions after entering Sikkim.

3. Those who want to get permission to go to Sikkim should fill up the 3 page form and submit one copy of passport size photo, passport and visa with IVAC scanned copy at Jamuna Future Park. The first form of the name must be completed and submitted correctly.)





If all goes well, after 7 days of submission, you will get Sikkim permission for 8-10 days. Permission charge – Rs. 300
The Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) website provides instructions on how to obtain permission in restricted or reserved areas of India, including Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The link to the instructions is given below.

4. How to get the permissions after entering Sikkim.

On the way to Sikkim, all vehicles were stopped at Sikkim Gate and asked. All except Sikkimese and Indian nationals have to take “Inner line permite / Respected area permite” from Foreigners Reporting Office to enter Sikkim. Which is currently being offered in Bangladesh by IVAC (Indian Visa Application Center). If they show the permission paper being given from Bangladesh, they will kill one in the passport. Then you can enter Sikkim.




Keep in mind that it is only allowed to enter Sikkim, Gangtok city and its surroundings. With this permission you will not be able to visit Nathula Pass, Baba Mandir, Changu Lake, Lachen, Gurudgmar Lake, Lachung, Zeropoint, Yamithang Valley. For these, separate permission has to be taken from Gangtok city. There are many government-approved agencies in the city of Gangtok that have to take these permits and rent a car. At the time of each permission, 3 copies of passport size photo, 1 photocopy of passport and 1 photocopy of visa have to be submitted. Agencies usually charge 100-200 rupees for each permission.


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