How to travel to Bon Bibir-Bothgach,Satkhira

Age over 300 years. Location on 1.2 acres of land. Its origin cannot be found. Many people flock to Debhata in Satkhira every day to see this mysterious tree.
Banabibi’s banyan tree can be seen as soon as you go some distance from Debhata Upazila Sadar of Satkhira. There is a rumor that three hundred years ago, zamindar Phanibhushan M-L considered the tree as a goddess and named it Banabibi. Since then, its worship began. It was not possible to know where the root of this tree. People from far and wide gather every day to see it.




There are many superstitions about this huge tree. One of them is- whoever cuts its stalks, he will be in danger. For a long time, no one cut the stalks, its size has increased.
In your spare time, you can come to this place with all the family members or your loved ones and get rid of all the tiredness of the mind. The beauty of nature can be easily enjoyed by sitting in the middle of the natural environment decorated with the green leaves of this amazing banyan tree.



How to get there:
1. Direct fare from Dhaka to Satkhira is 550 TK non-AC
There is a counter of “SP Golden Line” opposite Notre Dame College from where you can go directly to Satkhira.
★ Satkhira can be reached directly from Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, and Gabtali bus counters.



Besides, Satkhira can be reached by renting a bus from Zero Point or Sonadanga bus stand in Khulna for 100 rupees.

From Satkhira by bus, easy bike or Mahindra car
You have to get off at Sakhipur turn of Satkhira-Kaliganj road. ★ Rent will be 25-30 TK.
Then from here, you can go to this historic Bonabibi Battala place by motor van or motorbike.
★ Rent 10 TK per person (motor van)

(Make sure your environment is not polluted in any way and make others aware)


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