How to travel to City of Destiny or Visakhapatnam and the cost.

If you want to visit a wonderful place with a combination of sea, mountains, and modernity, then you can definitely buy Visakhapatnam. Why? Then you can know about this wonderful place



Visakhapatnam, whose nickname is Vizag. Which is again called the ‘City of Destiny’. According to the old tradition, this city is named after Kartik Tagore’s weapon. And the Telugu word Patnam means city (source: our taxi driver). It would not be wrong to call this decorated city of Andhra Pradesh, which is a combination of mountains and sea, the ‘heaven’ of the south. One of the attractions of this city is the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. In other words, the Eastern Ghats in the north and the Bay of Bengal in the south have become friends here. This very old port city of Andhra Pradesh is far ahead of other cities in India in terms of cleanliness. Visakhapatnam is adorned with an incredibly sweet combination of mountains and sea. If you don’t go there and enjoy the beauty of Ar, no one will know why it is also called the ‘City of Destiny’.



The main attractions in Visakhapatnam are divided into two parts. On one side is the hilly scenic spot. On the other side is the seaside view. One of the most beautiful beaches on the seashore is the beautiful beaches and some spectacular tourist attractions nearby. Here tourists get acquainted with two forms of the sea. One of them is without restraint, naughty, mad. The whole coast and its environs are roaring. And the other is soft, calm and infinite blue. Whichever way you look at the deep sea, only blue and blue It would seem that someone has put the color of dreams in his eyes
Sitting on the beach here, the sight of huge waves of clear blue water crashing on the rocks, the endless roar of the sea and the maddening beauty will instantly bring deep peace to anyone’s mind.



That’s why thousands of beauty thirsty people flock to the beaches here every afternoon to get that taste. There are several parks and museums on either side of the wide and scenic road that runs along the beach. These include Koilas Giri Hill, Indira Gandhi Geological Park, Rishikunda Beach, Thotlkunda Beach, VMRDA Park, Aircraft Museum, Submarine Museum, Ramkrishna Beach, Yarada. Several of these beaches are located on the outskirts of the city. A few more are located on the east-west side of the city, quite a distance away. Going to those distant beaches, you can see rows and rows of coconut and palm trees. 30 km from Rishikunda beach to Vimli beach with the sea. Mr. The road was cut just to see us. The way to go was much more enjoyable than the beach. Numerous palm trees and coconut trees can be seen on the 20 km road from the edge of the city to Yada beach. Even on a couple of hills along the way, there were no trees other than palm and coconut trees. I have never seen so many palm and coconut trees before. Yarada beach, surrounded by coconut trees, is a secluded place, more secluded than any other beach. The clean beach adjacent to a park is the ideal place to spend lazy time all day. The white sand dunes adjoining the park, the blue rippling waters, the mountains, the clear sky, and the various poses of the high palm-coconut trees, altogether will fill your eyes and mind, soothe your mind.



There is a Dolphin Nose Light House at a distance of 1 km from there. Where you can enjoy the magnificent three-dimensional beauty of the sea, the plains and the mountains from the top of the Watch Tower. Kailashgiri is another scenic tourist destination of Visakhapatnam. A beautifully decorated park 6 In the center of the park, situated on a hill about 360 feet above the sea level, is a statue of the white Shiva-Parvati. The waves and roar of the turbulent Bay of Bengal can be enjoyed by standing on the railing on the south side of the park. Whose feeling is truly extraordinary. Another attraction of the park is the rope-way of Kaishalgiri to reach from the bottom to the top! This rope-way 6 is coming down from the top of the hill to the lap of the sea



Going to Ramakrishna beach, I was fascinated to see the huge submarine museum and the aircraft museum next to it. A resident of the seabed, Karsura entered the submarine and had the opportunity to witness everything. It is known exactly what the inside of the submarine looks like, and how the soldiers spend days underwater there. The chances of gaining such an experience do not usually match. On the other side of the road, I learned the war strategy of the world’s most advanced, most sophisticated, self-contained, and heaviest aircraft TU-142, toured all parts and learned all about it.
Fishing Harbor is one of the tourist destinations in Vizag. From where fish and seafood are exported by ship. Visakhapatnam is one of the largest fish export centers in India. As you walk towards the harbor, you can feel the smell of dried fish on both sides. That’s why we did not dare to get out of the car!



The second part of our trip to Visakhapatnam was to visit some of the places of interest in the hilly areas here. Whose May 1 was the Araku Valley. The distance from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is about 120 km. The whole road beyond the city is east


Through the rugged valleys of the Rbghat Mountains. The beauty of that street is indescribable. Arrive Araku Valley in about 3 hours by taxi. Araku Valley is basically a tribal area. And the main attraction here is the tribal museum, called the Tribal Museum. The materials of this well-arranged museum, like the park, are on display in a few separate rooms. These houses made of bricks, stones, and cement look a lot like mud houses. From the outside, it looks a lot like a tribal hut. And inside the tribes are decorated with various tribal art. This museum is really awesome. Indigenous way of life is presented here as a model. It is very easy to get an idea about the art-culture, life-journey, social system, food, clothing, weapons, ornaments, musical instruments, etc. of the tribals. Over the centuries, their culture has not changed much! Araku Valley is home to many different ethnic groups. According to official estimates, at least 19 tribal tribes live here. And from here you can buy handicrafts made by the Adivasis and various kinds of spices. On one side of the museum, there is a small lake boating system. The Araku Valley also has two scenic parks and two natural springs.



Another 30 kilometers from Araku Valley is Borra Cave. When I reached Borra Cave after climbing hill after hill, I understood why thousands of people come here after crossing so many paths. All the strange natural sculptures in this cave of millions of years old limestone! The amazing beauty of this cave in rocky natural architecture cannot be believed without seeing it. The Bora or Bora Cave was discovered by the British geologist William King in 1808, more than 200 years ago. About 1,000 feet wide and 260 feet deep, the cave has at least 400 steps to look back. And this dark cave is beautifully illuminated for the tourists so that the various natural sculptures can be seen in a good way.
Meanwhile, the Simhachalam temple in the Simlachalam area is another scenic tourist destination, which is relatively close to the city of Visakhapatnam, but on a different route, 20 km away in the hills. The temple was built in the Kalinga style of architecture in the 11th century It is the least important place of interest in Visakhapatnam or Vizag This ancient temple of South India is very popular for its extraordinary work of art, However, like other temples in South India, it is forbidden to take pictures inside!



Those who want to travel to Visakhapatnam at a low cost can go there in two ways. First by plane from Kolkata or Agartala. In that case, if you buy the ticket 30-35 days in advance, the cost will be almost halved. In other words, the airfare from Kolkata will be 2000-2500 thousand rupees. And secondly by train from Kolkata. In that case, starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. Hotel rent for stay starts from Rs. The cost of food is the same as in our country. But the price of white rice is a little higher. But biryani is quite cheap there. And you can eat it for breakfast. There are some exceptions and it is delicious to eat. The price will be 20-40 rupees. You can buy auto CNG to reduce the cost of traveling there, the cost will be 1000-1200 rupees. If you take another taxi, the cost will be 1800-2000 rupees. However, the distance between Araku Valley and Borra Cave is more and the fare is 2500-2600 rupees.


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