How to travel to Orissa and the cost.

The last destination of our Orissa trip was Cuttack. Cuttack is not a popular travel destination like Bhubaneswar or Puri but I have heard the name of Cuttack, the ancient capital of Orissa so many times that I could not resist the urge to go. I rented a taxi from Puri for 1800 rupees and left for Cuttack in the morning. Cuttack is 72 km from Puri. I arrived in about two hours.



Cuttack had not booked the hotel in advance. The driver of the car took him to a hotel called Hotel Ashok. I fix the AC room with breakfast for three for 1600 rupees. The room was quite large and nice.




After breakfast, I went out to visit Cuttack around eleven in the morning. I rent a taxi from the hotel. 1500 rupees will bring all the places of Cuttack around all day. As I said before, there is nothing like seeing Cuttack, but no one likes to explore a new city!



The first destination was Dhabaleshwar. A taxi ran on the bank of the river Mahanadi on the way to Dhabaleshwar. The temple is located on an island about 20 km from the city. You have to cross a hanging bridge to go to Dhabaleshwar temple. The view of the road to go was really awesome. Crossing a huge bridge in the middle of the river. Mountains on either side of it. Dhabaleshwar Shiva Temple was visited around noon. Then back to Cuttack town.




On the way to the city, visit Deer Park, Jobra Barrage, and Orissa State Maritime Museum. Deer Park is not very attractive, but the other two places are quite beautiful.








Then go to Barabati Fort area, the heart of the city. Probably the biggest deception I ate in this place. As soon as we cross the beautiful gate of the fort and go inside, but the fort is no longer visible! One by one people’s houses, Cuttack clubs, roads are all there but the fort is no more! Later I found out that everything is lost in the womb of tomorrow. Very disappointed, I took a picture in front of the gate and came back.

Cuttack Stadium was next to the fort. Several international cricket matches have also been played at this stadium. Then I went to visit the temple of Goddess Katakchandi, the presiding deity of Cuttack, just like Dhakeswari in Dhaka. The final destination from the temple is Netaji Park. This Cuttack is the birthplace of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The house is now being turned into a museum. This is probably the most famous place in Cuttack. This house and museum with Netaji’s memory passed by in the afternoon.

Finally shopping and eating. Cuttack, famous for its Millennium City and Silver City, is rich in business. So there is no shortage of shopping malls and big brand stores. And Cuttack has another famous thing. That is silk, the famous Cuttack silk of Cuttack.

At night, the streets of Cuttack, the railway station, the whole city came around once. There were some nice bookshops right next to our hotel, Pizza Hut and Domino’s outlet. I eat and drink from there at night.

The last day

Return to Bhubaneswar the next morning. The distance from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar is only 26 km. I went straight to the airport and left for Kolkata on an AirAsia flight at 12:55 and the Orissa tour came to an end.

1. Although there are many temples or ancient architecture in Orissa, there is no shortage of forests and waterfalls in Orissa. Satkoshia Wildlife Sanctuary or India’s second most famous Daringbari in Kashmir is located in Orissa. I want to go to those places myself if time allows.

2. The handicrafts of Orissa are impossibly beautiful. You will find sand art, stone art, applique, pottery, all kinds of art-crafts in Orissa.

3. Orissa veg cuisine is very tasty. You will get special Orissan food on your trip to Orissa.

4. With a budget of Rs 10,000, you can travel from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Cuttack in 5 days.


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