How to travel to Patharghata city in one day

First, you will get on the launch of Kakchira from Sadarghat. If you rent a cabin, you will get 1500 TK. You can go without the cabin. The launch leaves from 4 pm, so we have to leave in the afternoon. Will arrive the next day at 4/5 in the morning.



From Kakchira Ghat you will go to Patharghata by auto, the rent will be 40/50 TK.
You can go there and have breakfast in the morning, for 20/30 TK. If you want to have a hotel there, you can be fresh.
Then leave for Haringhata, auto-rickshaw will cost 100 TK, it will take 30/40 minutes. There you will find a wooden bridge and the bridge goes straight to the sea. If you have good luck, you will see deer.


We went to sea by trawler because it would have taken more time to cross the bridge + the bridge was broken in some places. The trawler is a big kite, the fare was 400 (going + coming) you will find trawlers available there
After completing the tour by 10.30 / 11, you will leave for Baleshwar river. The fare will be 150 TK.
After visiting there, you will come back to Patharghata market. Lunch should be taken at any hotel here.
Then you will come to Kalmegha Bazar auto rent 30/40 TK.
In the afternoon the riverbank becomes much more beautiful. If you want you can get on the boat. You will see the most beautiful scenery on the banks of the river Kalmegha in the afternoon and evening! And the name of this river is Bishkhali river. Then you will come back to Kakchira launch dock.
Launch departure starts at 4.30 pm.

A: Do not do anything that harms the environment, respects the local people, mingles with them, learns the history of the area. And don’t leave dirt everywhere. Turn around with a sense of responsibility.


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