How to travel to Tanguier and travel expenses.

Dhaka (Sayedabad)> Sunamganj> Tahirpur> Sunamganj> Dhaka (Sayedabad)

্যTourmate: 9 people.

👉Time: 2 nights 2 days.



Semilocal Chair Coach from Dhaka (Sayedabad) to Sunamganj = TK. 300 / head

Sunamganj to Tahirpur Reserve CNG (CNG per 5 persons) = 100 Taka / Head

Boat rent (reserve) from morning till next morning TK. 3200 = 350 / head




Needless to say, there was an agreement on the boat. I will stay in Haor all day and stay in the boat at night and reach Tahirpur again by 8 am. Because the ticket for the car from Sunamganj to Dhaka was cut at 10 am. Even though we spent the whole night on the roof of the boat, the moonlit night was too much for us.



Food and chess
Noon + night was cooked in the boat, we got on the boat in the market. The uncle of the boat cooked. Total cost of food is 3200 rupees, (morning + noon + night + next morning) = 350 / head.



Bike Reserve:
(Niladri Lake + Bariktila + Jadukata River + Shimulbagan + Lakmachhara) 200 rupees / bike, 2 people. = 100 rupees / head.

Ancillary costs:
Life jacket 30 TK/ head.




Sunamganj to Tahirpur Reserve CNG (CNG per 5 persons) = 100 Taka / Head

Hasan Raja’s Astana Darshan: (coming-going + entry fee) = 50 TK/ head

Sunamganj to Dhaka: Hanif Paribahan = 550 TK / head

Total cost = TK.2000 / head





Tanguar Haor, a reservoir of natural beauty with mountains and haors, is submerged here for 6 months of the year and is cultivated the rest of the time.
Come back with your family when you have time, I hope you have a great time.

Landscaping or haor, everything is part of our environment. Keeping the environment clean is our responsibility.


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