How to visit the Asiatic Society Heritage Museum.

Asiatic Society Heritage Museum, Nimtali, Dhaka-1000
** You can visit the Asiatic Society Heritage Museum. This museum is located at T5, Old Secretariat Road, Nimtali, Dhaka – 1000.





You can visit this museum at:
-Dhaka was the capital of Suba Bengal in 1818. The rule of Naib-Nazims in Dhaka started from 1818 and ended in 1843. History, heritage, culture, social status information, photographs, patterns of Dhaka from 1800 to 1900 which have been presented digitally.
This museum has 5 galleries.
In the 1st gallery you can see the establishment of the Asiatic Society.
In the 2nd gallery you can see the preservation and restoration of Deuri Bhaban.
In the 3rd gallery you can see the historical background of the Naib-Nazims of Suba Bengal.
You can see the history of Naib-Nazimu in the 4th gallery.
In the 5th gallery you will see the life and works of art of Dhaka





** Museum visit schedule:
Saturday and Friday from 10:30 to 4:30 p.m.
(Prayer break from 1pm to 2pm on Friday)

** Entrance fee: 20 TK
However, the entrance fee for the shadows is 10 TK.
(Must show ID card)

** How to go:
You can come to Gulistan’s Golap Shah Mazar from anywhere in Dhaka and from there you can go to this museum by rickshaw for 20-30 TK.



  • Jahangir Hussain

    Please correct the opening time of the museum as follows:
    Thursday and Friday
    Winter(October -March) 10-00 am to 5-00pm.
    Summer (April – September)
    11-00 am to 6-00pm

  • Jahangir Hussain

    The present visiting hours of the Museum are as follows:

    Summer (April to September)
    Thursday: 11-00 am to 6-00 pm
    Friday : 11-00 am to 1-00 pm
    2-00 pm to 6-00 pm
    1-00 pm to 2-00 pm is closed for prayer on Friday


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