If you want to visit Natore, how to go and various information.

People know Banalata Sen of Natore in Jibanananda Das very well. Natore’s various archeological monuments stand as silent witnesses to the splendor of tradition, the memory of the kings and queens of the past, antiquity and the golden days of history. Among them Dighapatiya Rajbari, Rani Bhabani Rajbari, Dayarampur Rajbari, Rani Ma Maria Dharmapalli of Bonpara Lurde, Borni Mariabad Dharmapalli are very popular besides Shahid Sagar, Chalon Beel, Youth Park, Halti Beel, Padma Char of Lalpur, Chalanbil Sadar Museum. A palace located in the upazila, a relic of the Natore dynasty.




How to get there:
Rickshaws or autorickshaws can be added directly from anywhere in Natore city. It is better not to reserve rickshaws or autorickshaws for travel. Because all the places in the city of Natore have enough local vehicles.

Dighapatiya_Rajbariba Uttara Ganobhaban About two and a half kilometers from the city of Natore is the residence of the one-time Dighapatiya Maharajas and the present Uttara Ganabhaban or Government House of the Northern Region or the residence of the Prime Minister. At present it is open to visitors with special arrangements subject to the permission of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.








The biggest bill in Bangladesh is the Chalan Bill. The bill is located between Natore, Sirajganj and Pabna districts of North Bengal. The largest bill in the country consists of a number of small bills connected by different canals. This bill will not disappoint in any season in the country of conspiracy. Visiting birds in winter, reflection of green village and blue sky all around in spring, sky and beel seem to blend together in monsoon, kashaban across the beel in autumn. However, in the rainy season, the Chalon Bill is rejuvenated and decorated in a beautiful way. In the monsoon, an area of ​​about 36 square kilometers becomes uniform. Then the number of visitors is also full.

How to goঃ
Get off at Sirajganj or Natore by car from Dhaka to Rajshahi. Unique buses run from Mohakhali in Dhaka to Sourav Paribahan, SI Enterprise, Gabtali. The fare up to Sirajganj is 160 rupees. If you go down to Kachikata, Chachkair market is 6 km away. 5-6 km from Chachkair market. Mr. In the village of Khubjipur, near the edge of Chalanbil, you will meet Chalanbil Museum and after Chalanbil Museum you will find the desired Chalanbil.

If you want to go by train, you have to take the Khulna-bound Sundarbans Express from Kamalapur, the Rajshahi-bound Silk City Express, Padma and Lalmoni Express. You have to get off at Sadanandapur station. The town of Sirajganj is seven kilometers away from here. The rent is only 110-125 rupees.

You can visit Chalon-sur-Sane by boat. You will get both ordinary boat and engine boat. The rent has to be fixed by bargaining. If you don’t know how to swim, you must take a life jacket with you.











Monument erected to commemorate the 1971 genocide at the North Bengal Sugar Factory in Natore during the Bangladesh War of Independence. It is centered around a pond, the water of which froze on May 5, 1971 and turned red with the blood of the martyrs.

How to go:
Buses and autorickshaws can be added from Natore Sadar.

Where will you stay in Natore?

Government Housing:
1. Circuit House Natore
2. Natore Sadar Dak Bungalow
3. Gurudaspur Post Bungalow
4. Naldanga, post bungalow
5. Bagatipara Post Bungalow
. Bonpara post bungalow
. Lalpur Post Bungalow

Private Housing:
1. Hotel VIP
2. Hotel Millat
3. Hotel Raj
4. Hotel Rukhsana
5. Natore boarding
. Natore Sugar Mills Guesthouse

Housing Tips:
Choose a Government Guest House Every district in Bangladesh has government post bungalows, guest houses, rest houses, circuit houses and various other types of government accommodation. If possible, choose such places as a place to stay. The environment will be better and the cost of living will be incredibly low!

1. Plenty of hotels
2. At Nayan Hotel
3. Home restaurant
4. Sicily Chinese Restaurant

Local special food
Kanchagolla is one of the traditional dishes of Natore. This is a very familiar thing to the travelers of North Bengal. During the journey to Sirajganj, Natore, those who have been deceived by the hawkers’ unintentional words, do not forget to taste the real raw golla when they go to Natore. Original and original raw golla can be found at the Dwarik Bhandar Mistanna Bhandar adjacent to the Kali Mandir in the city.

Food Tips:
The quality of food at the hotel you are staying in is not good but there is no doubt that the price will be good. So avoid eating at the hotel. There is no such thing as always having to eat at a named restaurant. Taste the new food, go to the local food store. As a tourist in these places, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.


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