Intelligent Garden City is as famous a place as Putrajaya.

Putrajaya was chosen to replace Kuala Lumpur as the capital of Malaysia’s federal government after the country’s economy quickly recovered. Putrajaya is located just outside Kuala Lumpur and is named after Tunku Abdur Rahman Putra, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia. Putrajaya is now primarily called the first Intelligent Garden City in Malaysia because of its architecture. Thousands of tourists visit Malaysia every year and the beauty of Putrajaya fascinates them. Today I will listen to the story of all the famous places of Putrajaya.




Putra Mosque:

The mosque is better known as the son of the mosque. Construction of the city’s main mosque was completed in 1999. It is located near Pardana Putra and Putrajaya Lake. Extraordinary lamps are lit here at night which multiplies the beauty of this mosque.





Alamanda Putrajaya:

No city can be complete without world-class shopping malls. Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Complex is the first shopping complex in the city to have a variety of shops, restaurants, a bowling alley, a movie theater and a food court.

“Putrajaya – Alamanda”

Millennium Monument:

The Millennium Monument in Putrajaya, Malaysia is modeled on the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Considered as the National Monument of Putrajaya, this monument is a metal quadrangular monument. Painted on a metal plate, the monument is adorned with pictures of Malaysia’s national history and moments.

Son Bridge:
One of the city’s main son bridges is modeled on Iran’s Khaju Bridge. The 435-meter-long Putra Bridge connects the mixed developed city suburbs with the government, as well as the Putra Square and the city’s main thoroughfare. The bridge is built on three levels. One is monorail, one is vehicle and the other is pedestrian.




Putrajaya Lake:

The man-made lake covers an area of ​​650 hectares, designed to keep the city cool. It has now become one of the major venues for various water sports. Boat Championship and Asian Dinghy Boat Championship are organized here.

Independence Square:

Independence Square is a historical landmark in Putrajaya town. This city is located just after the son of Square Pardana. There are joyous festivals on different holidays as well as parades on different days.

Hibiscus Garden:

The Hibiscus Garden has been created in honor of the national flower of Malaysia. Here you will find 2,000 different varieties of hibiscus flowers. It seems to be an ideal place to get lost in the extraordinary diversity of nature.


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