Journey to Delhi, Shimla, Manali.

I have been thinking of going somewhere with my mother for a long time. I have been thinking for about 2 months, I have read various blogs, I have read the writings about Shimla Manali on TOB. After much thought, I booked a plane ticket from Dhaka to Delhi. If you buy a ticket 1 month before going somewhere, the price is actually much lower later. Although there will be a visa or there will be 1 tension with this. Anyway, let’s not talk too much and move on to the real thing. Since the Holi festival is held in India from 21-23, I wanted to avoid that time, because at that time everything is closed. You should finish some things in the country before starting any journey.

1. Plane tickets, visas.
2. If you book the hotel in advance, then the hassle will be less. Since I took my mother and brother, I have already done all this.
3. If you go from one province to another, you can book a bus ticket from Bangladesh. (I don’t have a ticket from 1 group called ‘Come back’).
4. Keep 1 small bag to keep dirt, I keep it with me whenever I go anywhere. Leave 1 corner of the bag. Nothing too hard. Leave the dirt there and then throw it in a dustbin.










Journey to Delhi 6
You can have 2 days to visit the notable places of Delhi. You can divide your 2 days like this, 1. Old Delhi 2. New Delhi.
I was in Old Delhi for the first time. The flight from Kolkata takes 2 hours to reach Delhi. It takes us 12:30 pm to reach Delhi. We took a pickup from the hotel. Because, I didn’t want to bother so many nights. It was about 2 o’clock when we reached the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, we ate something and went to sleep. We got up in the morning and left at 9 o’clock. I went out in the morning and stopped. I think I am moving to old Dhaka. There is a lot of noise in the streets of Paharganj. Squeeze roads, shops, street shops, autos, all in a weird state. You can see many foreigners in Old Delhi. They are used to seeing the scene, they come to see the time in old Delhi. Anyway, my mother buys a lot of grapes in the morning. We rented an auto with that grape for 1 hour. Not to mention 1, never rent 1 car in Delhi, this is nonsense. There will be a lot of rent, and a lot of things you can’t see. And if you have OLA, UBER app on the phone, you can check the rent.

Anyway, I went to the Delhi Jama Masjid. Great place. The more you go in the morning, the less people there will be. My mother took the prayers at the Jama Masjid later, because she already had a lot of desire. You can spend hours at the Jame Mosque, because the place is so peaceful. With 50 rupees you can go up to the roof, and with another 10 rupees in the minaret. It takes a while to get up, but if you get up at the Minar, you will get 1 beautiful view of the whole of Delhi. Our Jami Masjid is cut off a lot of the time, because we didn’t want to do Tarahura. So I went out to see the famous “Mina Bazaar / Chor Bazaar”. It is called “Sunday market”. A different crowd was seen at Mina Bazaar on Sunday. Although Ahamri has nothing. All e second hand things. We went to see Mina Bazaar to see “Lal Kila”. But I came out to see the line outside. These places actually have to go in the morning. I came out and walked around for a while in “Chandni Chowk”.





The market is basically the best for wedding shopping. You can do much better at a much lower price. It was too late for us to see Chandni Chalk, we went to see the red fort as it was next to the red fort, but we came out after seeing the huge line. There are many food shops around Lal Qila and Mina Bazaar, there are small vans that stand with fruits (pineapple, papaya, guava). You can try them. Then I rented an auto for Qutub Minar. I went to Qutub Minar and saw the same situation. Huge line… so I stopped and went to the famous Sarojini Market. It’s like visiting the market. I would say best for girls. At a much lower price you can buy a lot of things (shoes, jeans, tops, earrings, necklaces, bags and more). Anyway, we left early for the hotel as we had a bus for Shimla at night.

After lunch at the hotel, I left my bag in the lobby of the hotel and went out again. Suddenly, it seemed that in this short time, there was a lot going on. Then “Nizamuddin Dargah” came to my mind, I rented an auto and went in front of the road of Dargah. The road is very crowded. The street is full of shops, everyone is saying take off your shoes and walk. There is no place to keep shoes in front. And said to buy flowers or sheets (which gives on the shrine). Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. We started walking with shoes on (it didn’t cost money to put them on). Then I had to walk barefoot for about half an hour, looking very annoyed when I saw that there was a place to put my shoes right in front of the shrine. Anyway, when I entered the shrine, the scene of Aamir Khan’s movie “PK” was floating in front of my eyes. The flowers and sheets that people are giving there are being sold in the shops again. People are looking around for money. Anyway, I didn’t stay there long. I went out again to see the “India Gate” with the auto. There were a lot of people on the holiday. But don’t feel bad. There is a museum next door, you can see that too. Then I went to the hotel again. In the evening I eat 1 kebab on the streets of Paharganj. Now I have a taste in my mouth (I forgot the name). Then our bus leaves from Manju Ki Tila at 10 pm that night for the waiting turn bus.
*** Back from Manali and we stayed in Delhi for 2 days, describe it again at the very end






B …
Plane Fair: Dhaka-Kolkata-Delhi (Rs. 18,000 – Return Ticket)
Delhi Airport – Paharganj: Rs.
Hotel: 1 night 1500 rupees.
Bus (Delhi-Shimla): Rs 3650 (3 persons)


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