Kaptai-Bilaichhari (34 km) Kayak expedition.

The Kaptai-Kaptai Kayak Club (34km) kayak expedition was successfully concluded on November 24-25 at the largest artificial Kaptai Lake in Bangladesh.

16 expedition took part in the expedition at 9 o’clock. And 6 more people were on camera to encourage and support the adventurers in the support boat. 10 people came from Dhaka.






In addition to the Kaptai Kayak Club’s own six recreational kayaks, the main organizer of the expedition (Kaptai Kayak Club) took part in three privately owned inflatable kayaks.







On 23rd, Thursday afternoon, 3 adventurers came to Kaptai Kayak Club With Stormy Preparation. The kayaking expedition was led by Yusuf Rana, the host of the kayaking expedition, at 6 a.m. to the main starting point of the expedition, 7 km from the kayak of Kaptai Kayak Club. Camping is organized at night in a luxurious houseboat in Kaptai. Fifteen people joined the camping on Thursday night and the remaining nine arrived from Dhaka on Friday morning. The ghost chatter at camping at night was fun. Although many fell asleep early for fear of ghosts.

The expedition started kayaking at 8:30 am on Friday 24th November from Kaptai’s New Bazar House Boat for Bilachhari. At 11:30 pm, the explorers registered at the Gachkatachara Army Camp and submitted a group photo to the Army Camp. After kayaking for about four and a half hours in a lake surrounded by mountains on both sides, they crossed a distance of 16 km and reached their destination at around 1 pm.

After lunch in Bilaichhari, everyone walked around Bilaichhari Upazila and it was evening. After having a light tea and breakfast, I sat on the roof of the boat and watched the moon. Many fell asleep with a tired body. After eating at the local hotel at 9 pm – everyone was busy with the tent. A few people had a problem with the bathroom so they Took 2 Rooms at Niribili Boarding.

The explorers started shouting at each other from 6 am. A few of my lazy adventurers sat inside the tent and were busy enjoying the beauty of the misty lake in the morning, someone was busy taking pictures or selfies. After breakfast at 8:00 in the morning, the explorers got up and sat on the kayak with dry food. Kayaking started at 8:30 Kaptai destination as on the previous day. After the 1st day, on the 2nd day, the explorers are seen to be very fresh and lively. There is a silent intention to be 1st among all. Tensions are running high among everyone that day with the goal of who will go first. Imrul Bhai and my kayak showed kayaking speed average of 7.15 on GPS. With Great Excitness, the explorers returned to Kaptai around 12 noon. There were two breaks in the middle of the road, including a tree-cutting army camp.

The main objective of the expedition was to increase kayaking activity in riverine Bangladesh, to create interest in kayaking, to introduce kayaking as a sport and not just for entertainment. Moreover, there are many old kayakers scattered in this country or those who prefer adventure by boat to unite all the familiar faces.

Soon Kaptai Kayak Club is going to take initiative to conduct such expeditions in different waterways of the country. To this end, I am coming up with a number of adventure single racing kayaks. Moreover, Kaptai Kayak Club is going to start membership in 2017. The expedition will keep kayak club members as a regular event throughout the year.

Through this, we want to turn the kayak club into a big adventure community. Upcoming Expeditions:

1.Kaptai – Rangamati

2.Kaptai – Patenga.


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