Kaptai is famous as the paradise of Bengal – Asambasti, Rangamati.

Kaptai – Asambasti, Rangamati Link Road is a beautiful road in Bangladesh. This link road is about 19.5 km long.
If you continue along Kaptai Rangamati Link Road, you will see many beautiful natural landscapes. Lake on one side of the road, green hills on the other side after the green hills. You can enjoy all the wonderful natural scenery if you go through this road. The lush green forest will captivate your eyes with the view of Banani and Kaptai Lake. You can rent a kayak and travel to Kaptai Lake. Apart from Bargang, Smriti Mandir, there are many other beautiful spots along the road.





How to go:
You can take a bus from Dhaka or Chittagong city to Kaptai’s new market and go to Asambasti with CNG (rent 90 rupees per person). You can also go to Asambasti with CNG reserve.
The bus fare from Dhaka to Kaptai is 550 rupees. If you want, you can come to Kaptai from Dhaka city at night and cross the Kaptai-Asambasti link road and return to Dhaka city at night.






Be careful to keep the environment beautiful. Do not throw dirt where. If you can, make others aware of keeping the environment beautiful.


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