Kaptai picnic spot.

Kaptai is not a bad place for a day trip.

And next to it you can also visit Rangamati from there. Only 20 km from Kaptai. At present Kaptai has been decorated very nicely. Everything seems to be tidy to me. I went there before but it was not so big then. Now trawlers, boats, kayaks etc. have been arranged in the picnic spot.





How to get there – There is a direct Kaptai bus from Chittagong which leaves from Baddarhat bus terminal. The fare will be 75 TK per person. The Kaptai Main Bazaar will be dropped off, from there you can get reserve CNG for 5 people at Kaptai Navy Camp Picnic Spot, the rent will be 100 rupees. If you want to go to Rangamati, you have to take reserve CNG. Rent will be 300 to 400 TK with a crooked road in Assam slum on one side of the hill on the other side of the huge lake))




And the road from Kaptai to the picnic spot is very nice. Yes, there is a free WiFi zone at the picnic spot – it’s good to say that you want to upload pictures. This place is a whole mountainous area. Indigenous people live there. If the spot is operated under the supervision of the entire Navy, then do not do any activities there due to which you are taken under the law.
There are certain places for dumping garbage. He will dump garbage in all the places.


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