Kaptai Travel: Possible cost per person.

Kaptai is undoubtedly an ideal place for those who want to spend some time in a quiet and noise-free environment. So if you have some time, you can come back from Kaptai, all the places we have visited in 2 days,





# Zoom Restaurant & Picnic Spot
# Kayaking at Kaptai Kayak Club
Sheikh Russell Eco Park
Navy Academy
Kaptai Dam
Jetty wharf and fish market





# Travel to Kaptai Lake at Sampan





Our journey started from Kalabagan in Dhaka to Saudia Paribahan with non AC bus Dhaka to Kaptai fare 550 rupees per person, the next day at 8 am we reach Kaptai.
Day 1: – At 8 in the morning we go down to Kaptai about 10 km before Kaptai Zum Restaurant, Zum Restaurant and Picnic Spot is operated by BGB, the place is very beautiful, if you don’t see it, you won’t understand. Tickets cost 20 rupees per person. They have three cottages to stay in. The rent is 1000, 1500, 2000 rupees respectively. The two of us didn’t have a room for 1000 rupees, so we had breakfast in the morning with cake, biscuits and tea for 60 rupees. 100 yards in front of Zoom Restaurant, Kaptai Kayak Club and Floating Paradise Restaurant, I ordered food and went down for kayaking. Kayaking is 250 rupees per hour. If you have a student ID, 50 rupees less.
Our food package price was 160 rupees per person. It included rice / pulses / eggs / potatoes / boiler chicken. After eating 1 piece, we sat at Zoom Restaurant and enjoyed the beautiful view of Kaptai Lake and in the afternoon we took CNG for 15 rupees and went to Sheikh Russell Avery Eco Park. 23 rupees per person. Cable car rides are available here. 230 rupees per person. It takes about 16 minutes to come and go. In the evening we came back. At night we sat in the canteen of the cottage at Zoom Restaurant and saw the amazing view of the dark Kaptai. We ate dinner at Floating Paradise and returned for 180 rupees. I came and fell asleep
Cost of 1st day– (for two)
Dhaka to Kaptai car rental: 1100 TK
Cottage room rent: TK
Breakfast: 60 TK
Kayaking: 200 TK
CNG: 60 TK
Lunch and dinner 60 TK
Entry fee to the park – 48 TK
Total: – 3158 TK





Day 2: – After checking out at 8 am, we went to Jetty Ghat at Rs. 25 per person. Street view of Jetty Ghat from Zoom Restaurant is amazing.
We have breakfast at the jetty, 2 people pay 60 rupees and then rent a small boat Sampan in their language. 1 hour 150 rupees to go around Sampan and we go to see Kaptai Dam and Solar Panel project (to see this place you must have someone working inside it). Must be known because it takes a pass) We look inside with CNG for 100 rupees
And after lunch at the jetty, the two of them went out for lunch at Rs. 200, went to the Saudi ticket counter and bought a ticket to Kaptai to Dhaka at Rs. 550 per person, then took some rest there, reserved CNG for Rs. 150 and left for Navy Academy, Rs. 20 per person. It will take 2-3 hours to visit well and it will not be possible to express its extraordinary appearance in words. Go and see it for yourself. Towards the end of the afternoon, we come to Kaptai Jetty Ghat for 150 rupees and visit Kaptai Fish Market. -3 minutes. We had a bus at 8 pm so we had a light breakfast and bought chips and some dry food for 90 rupees on the street.
2nd-day cost:
CNG: 50 + 100 + 150 + 150 TK
Breakfast: 60 TK
Sampan: 150 TK
Lunch: 200 TK
Afternoon snack: 90 TK
Kaptai to Dhaka bus fare: 1100 TK
Total cost of 2nd day: 2050 TK
Total cost on day 1 and day 2 (3158 + 2050)
Total: 5207 TK
The cost per person is 2603 TK.





If we had a tour of 2 people, the cost would have been a little less if it was 4 people and we had some expenses, so I hope you will be able to give a fairly good tour for 2600-3000 TK.
Travel should be colorful and safe.
B: Note: – It is our duty to protect the creator who has beautifully arranged this earth for us and handed it over to us, so wherever we go, we will throw dirt, polythene, plastic materials in certain places and encourage others to do the same. Thank you. ..


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