Kayaking in the clear waters of Karnafuli and traveling to Rangamati.

He says to come at 8 o’clock at night. There is no news of the bus at 6 o’clock in Surrey. The bus arrived at quarter to nine. From Kalyanpur you have to take a mini bus to Saidabad and then take a direct bus to Kaptai at 11 pm. As a child, I knew Kaptai as a hydroelectric power station. This hydroelectric power station has been constructed by constructing a dam on the Kornafuli river. I am crossing Baraichari when it is 8 o’clock in the morning. Basically the buses go in two directions from Baraichari Moor. Kaptai on one side and Rangamati on the other. There is a zoom restaurant 1 km away from Kaptai. Next to it is Kaptai Kayak Club. The more stylish the zoom, the more simple the kayak club. Ordinary people like me will like it. There is a washroom, clean. Before reaching Kaptai, you can go down in front of the kayak club. But I am in Kaptai. After having breakfast there, I went to the CNG kayak club. In Kaptai you will find nothing but CNG. Let’s see if we are the first. I chose a beautiful red kayak. We both know how to swim, but life jackets are mandatory. I got up after wearing an orange jacket with a paddle in hand. In front of my wife I am behind. The instructor taught me to run in synchronization while running. However the journey began. After an hour of kayaking in the clear waters of Kornafuli, we came back to the pier. The place and the environment are awesome. Kayak fare is 250 TK per hour but 200 TK for students. When I got back on the road after kayaking, it was 10 o’clock in the morning. A lot of time left in the day, I was wondering what to do. I did not plan to go to Rangamati. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity because I had enough time. I asked the CNG driver how to get to Rangamati. Said in two ways.






With one baraichari, two new roads become one by the side of the lake to Assambasti. 19 km, fare 400 rupees CNG. However, if you see the street view, the rent will be recovered. Absolutely gone over the hill, Kaptai Lake will accompany you all the way. We reached Assam at around 11:30. From there I took another CNG and went to see the traditional hanging bridge. As a child, I saw a lot of songs in Bengali movies, this time I saw them in reality. Seeing the taste is gone forever. People and people. Rangamati is just as empty as Kaptai. I feel good in the movies, but I didn’t like it in reality. More people may be the cause. I quickly got out of there and went to Rangamati town. After praying, having lunch, I started my journey to come to Kaptai again. The bus ticket was made in Kaptai so I had to go. Anyway this time I thought I would go the other way. Local buses run from Rangamati to Chittagong and Khagrachari. We will go down soon. I got on the bus with a fare of 120 TK each. I have never seen such a bad bus in my life. Bus number 7 in Dhaka is much better than that. The two-hour journey was awful. I got off the bus and went to Zoom Restaurant. There was nothing to see, I went to spend time. At around 4.30 pm I took CNG again to Kaptai boat wharf. I took a small boat around Kaptai Lake. Immediately after evening I got off the boat and went to the bus counter. Live at half past eight.


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