Khayachara (Mahamaya Lake).

The elders say that people can be recognized in three ways. One. On long journeys. Two. If you eat together. Three. If you spend the night.

All three of these happen when you go on tour with someone.
We visited Khayachara and Mahamaya Lake with eight friends.







It is possible to visit these places in one day. Depart at night and turn around all day and back at night again.
In winter the springs have less water and less rain so it is easier to climb the hill.
When you climb to the very top of the hill you will see vast forests and small towns;
The eyes, the soul, the body all come together.
When you look around, all your troubles, tiredness, will be gone. It works so well, aha!
And the food there is Josh. Flavors are different because the food is cooked in a clay oven. It is better to eat before climbing the mountain.







Napittachara at a distance of ten rupees from Khayachara. Didn’t go there. I will go ahead one day inshallah.

We went to Mahamaya Ecopark from Khayachara.
Mahamaya is basically a combination of mountains and rivers. You have to buy a ticket for ten rupees.
Road paved with bricks and cement through the hills. I think you can climb the mountain by car. Quite a beautiful environment here.
There are inch boats to go around Dighi Lake. With which you can visit a fountain a little far away.
We got on a kind of boat. I forgot the name. Only two people can sit. Gives life jackets and boots.
Going in the middle, about one-and-a-half pankauri flew over his head.
It felt strange to look at. That’s awesome! It was as if another ‘I’ came out of my chest and flew away with them.







Bus – Dhaka – Mahipal. (260 ৳)
Mahipal to Khayachara (40)

PS: I took the picture from Mahipal to Khayachara. From here you have to go to the fountain by CNG.


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