Khayachara spring.

Its location is at Mirsarai in Chittagong. Although this fountain was not well known even a few days ago, its fame has spread all over the country due to the vastness and beauty of this fountain. It has become a tourist destination. That is why the crowd is increasing every day in Khayachara which is not at all desirable for the water lovers.
I myself ran twice to Khayachara waterfall. I will share my travel experience today.







* Travel story – 1
We had 12 members at that time. First we reach Khayachara after completing the Napittachara trail. After trekking for about 6 hours in Napittachara, everyone was in a good condition. At first 2-1 people were reluctant to win, but later everyone started walking from Khayachara. The roads were impossibly slippery in the rain. Every step had to be taken to recognize this step, some of them were slipping and walking. We were all lagging behind because of some members. I also want everyone to know the last danger.

Some unwanted travelers who come back 20-25 minutes after starting the walk are saying – brother, you are late, you will not see anything, the road is very bad, if you go there will be many more problems. The reason for saying unwanted is that a true traveler will never discourage other travelers.












After listening to the travelers, 3-4 of us started walking a little faster. If I was a little careful on the slippery road, I was running when I found a good road. Because I will see it anyway. After about 1 hour, we finally reached the desired spring.
After that it was the turn to get up to the next step, but there was no one to get up then. When I saw a little girl, I told her that I would give her some reward in exchange for taking her upstairs. The boy agreed.

Seeing the way to get up, I started thinking once again, will I get up or not. The trekking experience was not there then so I got a little scared. You have to climb a steep hill. The road was slippery due to tourists, the ground was crumbling from above. There is a rope, it will have to get up. Some of the ropes were so slippery that the hands slipped again and again. Gripping the valley with a towel, I am getting up with a lot of fear in the 2nd step.

The guy behind the guy says if you get up now you won’t have time to get off. There was not a single person there again. The place was completely deserted. I was hoping that if any group came up with them, we would become 2 ed. Even after sitting for a while, I see that no one comes. Then I am forced to come back. I went downstairs and saw that only 5-6 members of our team were coming. The rest are gone in the middle. When I came, I wanted to see the whole thing. We had to come back disappointed.







* Travel story – 2






To fulfill the previous desire, I went to Khayachara Jharna again. This time we are only 4 people. I reached Khayachara Stan in the morning. We start walking. This time I had a little more courage. And looking at the roads, it seemed that they were persecuted by a lot of tourists. There is no road now, it seems. There were many places on the muddy road where the feet would go as far as the knees. Due to having a lot of mud, it took a little longer to go.

I went and saw a lot of people. I was surprised. It seemed like I was coming to Waterland. Anyway, no more dowry. I started climbing up the gorge. This time it was not too hard to win. After getting up at the 2nd step, 2 people are saying no more. I’m not going to give up this time. Leaving them there, I started climbing up another friend. People can’t get up after getting up at 5/6 step. I see many coming back.

In the meanwhile a lot of rain started. And after 1 step I see a group sitting, I don’t have the courage to go ahead. We took them together with their encouragement. Among them was a brave boy who warned me many times to be careful. At last we reach the final destination. There was not much trouble during the descent. The mud on the rocks was washed away in the rain.

Even then, many people are desperate to get to the top. Thus you have to climb the mountain. Then someone is getting up again and someone is going down. That is why traffic is being created again somewhere. When you look down at the creepy body. There is no way out except death.

Finally coming back home in a good way, Alhamdulillah.

* Some words:

It would not be wrong to call Khayachara the beginning of an initial trek. If you don’t know the reason, you won’t understand. Although it is not very difficult, it takes a terrible shape in the rain. I saw in the video that one of the brothers had broken his leg, then he was brought from there with the help of the locals. That day I heard that a brother of Varsity Parua had died after going down the hill. So be careful not to make noise in trekking.

How to get there:

Get on any bus from Dhaka to Chittagong and get off at Mirsarai’s Baratakia. If you go by train, take a bus from Feni or Sitakunda station or go to Baratakia in Laguna.

* Travel Tips:

> Take food saline, you will get a lot of energy in trekking.

> Leave the shoe bag at a restaurant on the way. You can also have lunch on the way.

> Do not treat the locals badly.

> Do not leave water bottles, food, polythene in the tourist center.

 Make your trip beautiful and safe



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