Koh Rang Samla Island.

Sihanoukville is an island in Cambodia. The island is not very crowded. Some parts of the island are completely deserted. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend time alone with their loved ones. The deep blue water of the sea, the white sand on the shore, the clear water, the mountains, the jungle, all together a place to lose yourself!







Next door is M Pai Bay, Koh Rong Island. You can go there by boat or speed ferry. One way ৫ 5 rent. M pie bay or koh color these are one paradise on earth. Here you can do various water activities. There are various arrangements including snorkeling, boating, surfing, fishing.

Travel to and from: Flights from Dhaka to Penam Pen, the capital of Cambodia. Return ticket 30-35 thousand rupees. From there in a tourist van to Sihanoukville. Rent one way  10-15. It takes 4-5 hours. The road is very good. You can go by bus for 5-6 dollars. A return ticket to Sihanoukville from Penom Penn will cost about 120 120. Koh Rang Samlem Island by speed ferry from Sihanoukville. Rental return tickets are-20-22. Koh Rang Island from Sihanoukville also has the same fare. The Sarasan Bay area of ​​Koh Rang Samlem Island is quite lush. There are many pubs, restaurants and even a Chinese casino. Rooms are available at resorts in the area for between-20 and 100. 5-12 dollars if in the dormitory.






The cost of food is a little high. It costs at least  7-8 per hour. It will cost more than 10 dollars to eat a little relaxed.
তে In Cambodia, the local currency is denominated in dollars. You can do all transactions in dollars.
বেন Take care not to ruin the environment while traveling. Don’t throw dirt anywhere.


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