Let’s know some information about travel to Kashmir.

There are many ways to go to Kashmir. You can turn around with the information from the net, it is better not to take the help of any kind of travel agency. First you have to go to Kolkata from Bangladesh then you have to go to Kolkata to Jammu then you have to go to Jammu to Srinagar. You can use Buy Train / Buy Air to reach Srinagar. However, I think it is better to give a long way by air. Because by train you have to suffer a lot. We also had a lot of trouble. If you want to finish the tour at low cost then you can go by train. And if you want to go on all these tours, it is better to take a large number of people, i.e. 2 or, 4 or, 6 or. This will reduce your costs. It is better to take plenty of food while traveling by train. Because the train will not get the food you want. And the quality of food will not be good. And the train can be very late. The people of Kashmir are very good, they will help you a lot but everywhere is full of butchers.





So keep your eyes open a little. We didn’t spend much money on the whole tour. We were able to finish the tour at a very low cost. Excluding our shopping, the total cost was 15,000 rupees. We were 4 people and now that we are off-season it is less expensive everywhere. If you two plan to go to Kashmir, it will not be a problem because after going to Jammu you will find many Bangladeshi brothers. Those with whom you can complete the tour. There are many hotels in Kashmir to stay at low cost, you can find it if you search a little. We got a very nice #hotel next to Dal lake for 1800 rupees. The weather in Kashmir is much cooler now. So if you want to go this time, take enough winter clothes. Kashmir is basically an all weather tourist area. Kashmir has four seasons in terms of climate and geography. Summer (June, July, August), Autumn (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February) and Spring (March, April, May). Four forms of Kashmir in four seasons. But if you want to travel to Kashmir in winter, you have to be extra prepared. Warm clothes, gloves, boots are a must. Gloves and boots are available for rent, so there’s no point in just carrying a load. You can buy a jacket and a hat. If you want to see tulip flowers and apple orchards, April is the month of June, and if you want to see the orange leaves of Chinar (the famous page of Hindi movie Mohabbatin), you must visit in October. Kashmiri food is also much more fun and delicious. In Kashmir, food is usually prepared following three types of cuisine – Kashmiri scholars, Muslims and Mughals. However, there is a lot of salt in the food. But much tastier. .





Now let’s talk about travel

1. Dhaka_to_Kolkata (by bus)
Buses that go directly from Dhaka to Kolkata are BRTC, Shyamoli, Surharda, Soudia, Shohag, Royal Coach. Bus fair 900-1400 rupees. It takes 12-13 hours, but depending on the condition of the road.
2. # Dhaka_to_Kolkata (by train)
Train departures on Friday (3106), Saturday (3110), Sunday (3107), Wednesday (3110). Can be rented-
AC First Cabin: 3400 BDT (less can be more)
AC Chair: 2500 BDT (more or less)
You can pick up tickets up to 30 days in advance.





3. Kolkata_to_Jammu (by train)
There are 5 intercity stations in the whole of Kolkata. Kolkata Railway Station also known as Chitpur Station. Kolkata’s Sealdah (Sealdah) Station, Howrah’s Shalimar (Shalimar) Station, Howrah’s Santragachi (Santragachhi) Junction Railway Station and Howrah’s Howrah Station.
There are three trains from Kolkata to Jammu Tawai. Himgiri Express, Humsafar Express and Jammu Tawai Express.
*** Himgiri Express leaves Howrah station for Jammu three days a week (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday) at 11.50 pm. It takes 36 hours and 40 minutes. This train has 4 class tickets – SL (Rs. 650), 3A (Rs. 1980), 2A (Rs. 2650), 1A (Rs. 4995).
*** The Humsafar Express leaves Sealdah station for Jammu one day a week (Mon) at 1.10 pm. Same
It takes 34 hours and 20 minutes. This train has 1 class ticket – 3A (Rs. 1935).
*** The Jammu Tawai Express leaves Kolkata station for Jammu at 11.40 am 7 days a week. It takes 45 hours and 40 minutes more. This train has 3 class tickets – SL (Rs. 615), 3A (Rs. 1920), 2A (Rs. 2630).





3. Jammu_to_Srinagar (by car)
The distance from Jammu to Srinagar is 322 km. If you want to go by car, the cost per person of a group of 6 people will be 800-1000 rupees and it will take 6 hours. Depending on the number of teams can be more or less.

There is a state transport bus from Jammu to Srinagar at Rs 600 per person. It will take 6 and a half hours.
Another way is to go to Banihal from Jammu. Distance 180 km, car will take 5 hours. It will take 3 hours to reach Srinagar by train from Banihal and the distance is 110 km. The cost in this field will be 550 rupees per person. But if the hill is ten, then the work is going on. You have to be subdued for hours. So it is better to go on Jammu_to_Srinagar plane. We were stuck in the hill ten for two days of hope and departure.

Of all the tours of my life, the best tour was Kashmir. I have shared your feelings as much as I could. I hope everyone will like it. And today is my first post in this group. Forgive me if I made a mistake in writing. I ended up here today, wishing everyone a beautiful life, Tat ..


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