Let’s visit Banshtala of Sunamganj.

# Swiss Gate
# Shaheed Minar
# Chhatak Cement Factory.
With the mountains of India.




The journey of that friend of ours started in the morning.
Go to Chhatak Bazar by reserving CNG at Tk 400 at Kumargaon bus stand in Sylhet (you can take a train from Sylhet if you want, leave the train from Sylhet station at 8 am and reach Chhatak Bazar at 8.30 am).
From there I go to Chhatakbazar by boat for 5 TK per person. I have breakfast there at 35 TK per person.
From there I reserve CNG again for TK.1000 (TOtal Coast) and spend as much time as we want. On the 1st we go to the Shaheed Minar and the Shaheed Minar is very beautiful. (Shape + because of the hills behind. Then we go out to Jumgaon after spending about an hour here. Go there and get down in the water. Ah, Shanti. There is no time for 2 hours here. After bathing, return to Chhatak Bazar by CNG at 5 pm. Again by boat 5 taka per person. (TK. 10 per person). We return to Sylhet by train. If you want you can come to Kumargaon bus stand of Sylhet by bus or CNG. (45 per person by bus and 65 on CNG)











I got off the train at Sylhet station and reserved CNG for five brother restaurants. There is no dinner (130 TK per person).

Total cost per person including dinner-450.


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