Let’s visit Nakshatra Resort in Gazipur.

Nakshatrabari Resort is located in Rajendrapur, Gazipur. It is as if the resort has been created with the skillful touch of nature. Here nature can be perceived more closely. Prominent actor, film director, and architect Taukir Ahmed and his wife, popular actress, playwright, and painter Bipasha Hayat seem to have made their dreams come true at this resort.




Away from the hustle and bustle of mechanical Dhaka city, this resort will give a little break full of serenity in a colorless life. Nakshatrabari Resort was officially inaugurated on 16 December 2011.



Nakshatrabari Resort is located in Chinashukhania village, a short distance from Rajabari Bazar in Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur. Upon entering the resort, there is an aesthetic hotel. Almost all types of food are available here. There are a three-story conference center and restaurant designed in aesthetic design; In front of which there is another swimming pool.



The resort also has a pond. Ducks swim in these ponds. Row upon row of ‘water cottages’ has been built along one side of these duck swimming ponds. Seeing these, it seems as if they are floating in the water. These houses are made of wood, palm leaves, and wood and have all modern conveniences.



Just green and green around the resort. Every place here has been used aesthetically. On one side there is a small fountain, where lotus and water lily flowers have formed. If you want, you can spend time fishing from the pond or by boat. Besides, standing on a wooden bridge in the middle of a pair of ponds, one can enjoy the beauty of the red shuffler dripping in the water of the lake.



There are arrangements for badminton, table tennis, billiards, etc. for sports. The field is being prepared for playing cricket. Besides, Baul songs, magic shows, film exhibitions are organized here from time to time. Being very close to Dhaka city, many people come here for various corporate meetings or events. There is a conference room for 200 people as well as for 20 people.



Not only for staying but also for spending the whole day, you can visit Nakshatrabari Resort and Conference Center.



Nakshatrabari resort costs



The cost of the resort will depend on how many people go and how they stay. There are three types of accommodation for guests – 1. Hotel complex, 2. Water Bangla and 3. Family Bengali.

Hotel Complex: Couple regular rent 6325 TK / night

Advantages: The advantage of having two people in one bedroom.

Deluxe Couple, Rent 8,222 / night

Advantages: King size one bedroom with 3 people.

Twin regular fare 6956 TK / night

Advantages: The advantage of having two single beds.

Family Bungalow: Two Bed Room Rent Rs. 26,630 / night

Convenience: Convenience of having 5 people in two beds.

Water Bungalow: Deluxe Cottage Rent TK. 10,752 / night

Premium Suite Cottage Rent TK. 22,70 / night

Family Suite Cottage Rent TK. 20,240 / night

The rent for each shift in the conference hall is TK. 30,000. The entrance fee for general visitors to the resort is 500 TK. If you want to get the latest information on rent and accessories, it would be better to visit the price list on their website or talk to them on the phone.


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